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Workplace AI Market Analysis: Generative AI and the Desktop (R)Evolution

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Author: Matt Mullen

Workplace AI Market Analysis: Generative AI and the Desktop (R)Evolution

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This report is designed for leaders at organizations considering adding GenAI capabilities to their enterprise software. It will help them understand what products are currently offered and how to determine which ones might be useful and best suited to their organizations.

In this report, we’ve looked at the hot and noisy market for generative AI and its application to the workforce desktop. We have discussed several broad, recognizable use cases that underpin a significant volume of technology vendor offerings leveraging GenAI. 

We’ve also looked at how to take these features and functions and deduce their real-world value to our organizations. We discussed how mapping the tasks within existing, critical business processes will likely prepare the ground for the successful implementation of GenAI. Understanding how something contributes is essential to determining its value, regardless of the value metric or measurement that you desire. 

In addition, we’ve taken a high-level look at how three leading desktop software vendors to the broad workforce are beginning to bake GenAI into their productivity and business application estates.  We’ve learned that what GenAI is powering right now is the latest evolution of the workforce desktop. Rather than anything being ripped up or revolutionized, GenAI instead is a presence that can illuminate and augment existing platforms and any associated tasks and processes if applied carefully and with the managed consent of the workforce. 

We look at considerations, mitigations, and peace.

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