Work Intelligence Market Analysis 2024-2029: Out Now

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Work Intelligence Market Analysis 2024-2029: Out Now

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Work Intelligence market - including Process & Task Mining, RPA, Low and No Code and BPM - worth $15.5 billion as of Q1 2024, growing to $24.5 billion by 2029.

We’re really rather thrilled to announce that the latest edition of our Work Intelligence Market Analysis, covering the period from 2024-2029 is now available to our subscribers and for separate purchase. Full details of how to purchase are available here.

For those of you new to Work Intelligence, in our introductory report to the subject published back in 2022 (and available to download for free), we state;

“Work intelligence describes a balanced partnership of human and artificial intelligence to accurately and efficiently understand, analyze, monitor, and improve an organization’s way of working. Put another way, work intelligence is the combination of ‘inform and validate’, where machine intelligence is validated by human workforce intelligence, and neither is supplicant.”

We looked at a bunch of interesting but separate markets and thought it made little sense continuing to treat them as standalone entities when they were so functionally related. So we rethought our approach and critically did so thinking primarily about how they collectively contributed to work, workers and the workplace. 

As you might imagine when looking at technology markets with a mixed maturity, but a strong degree of interdependence, the dynamics are fascinating. Throw generative AI into the mix – that was only just beginning to have an impact at the time of the previous market analysis, but now seems to have inveigled itself wholly into enterprise thinking – and those dynamics are even more intriguing. 

It’s now a bumper 42 pages long and we’ve updated the entire underlying data model, added a bunch of new data points – more of that here – and have a significant update to the analysis and projection of the market as a whole, as well as those individual sub-markets that go to make up Work Intelligence.

If you’re a subscriber to Deep Analysis, firstly thanks and secondly, you can download the report right away by logging to your report. Then you can use some of your bundled enquiry time to book a session with us to discuss the report in your own, individual context. You know we like a chat.

If you’re not a subscriber and would like a copy, then you can buy one  and download it right away. Or you could subscribe and get access to this and all the other research we publish, plus your own time to chat with us? It’s up to you.

If you’re interested in using excerpts from the report for customer and investor education, demand generation, or PR purposes, you can also purchase a distribution license with rights to share the information outside their own company. Deep Analysis will create a customized document just for you. Contact us at [email protected] for a quote. 

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Work Intelligence Market Analysis 2024-2029