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Work Intelligence Market Analysis 2023-2028

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Authors: Matt Mullen & Alan Pelz-Sharpe

Work Intelligence Market Analysis 2023-2028

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Work Intelligence Market Analysis: 2023-2028

Work Intelligence Market Analysis: 2023-2028

Deep Analysis defines Work Intelligence as the balanced partnership of human and artificial intelligence to accurately and efficiently understand, analyze, monitor, and improve an organization’s way of working.

Work Intelligence is not one single amorphous market, but a collection of sub-markets with differing degrees of maturity, funding and customer adoption.

In this report we look at the Work Intelligence market, identify the active sub-markets, the key use cases for the adoption of the technologies, forecast the current size and growth potential and identify the challenges and opportunities for customers and vendors alike.

Includes self-identified software subjects such as Robot Process Automation (RPA), Hyperautomation, Business Process Automation (BPA), Business Process Management (BPM), Task Mining, Process Mining, Workflow, No Code / Low Code Development

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