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Appian IDP

Appian’s focus with IDP (cognitive capture) is to provide a full array of process options in a low-code environment that can quickly build highly targeted applications for your business. We like this approach a lot, as capture without process has limited value.

Cloudhub360 | Deep Analysis | Vendor Vignettes


Cloudhub360 may be a classic case of the sum of the parts being greater than the whole. The combination of conversational AI and intelligent data processing is what makes the Cloudhub360 platform well-suited to any customer service process where document processing is involved.

Skilja | Deep Analysis | Vendor Vignettes


Skilja has been flying under the radar for years as a trusted supplier of cognitive capture tools to other companies. The introduction of Tegra services that require only a single call opens the door for Skilja to sell to a much larger and wider market.