Vendor Vignette: blockchain

Data Gumbo

blockchain to meet specific industry needs beyond generic record or financial transactional requirements.

LTO Network

LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain application development platform for securing, verifying, and exchanging enterprise information. That’s not unusual, as there are many such platforms and applications around today; however, LTO Network stands apart.



BurstIQ is a data exchange network that leverages blockchain
technology to build secure data solutions, creating identity profiles by
using big data. There should be no shortage of early adopters and firms
with relevant innovative business models able to build on the company’s
PaaS to extend standard enterprise blockchain security and data
analytics capabilities.

IPwe report


Though it is still early, it is hard not to be impressed by the progress
and ambition of IPwe. What struck us most is that the company
has leveraged both AI and blockchain in an attempt to transform a
traditional and slow-moving sector and create a revolutionary new
trading marketplace.

Salesforce Blockchain

Salesforce Blockchain (Updated)

At Deep Analysis, we have long argued that blockchain should be simplified and made easier for developers to access and implement. The low-code approach here will appeal to developers wanting to get started. More importantly, the approach lays the foundations for creating extensive, if relatively simple, trading ecosystems. The coming year will see more blockchain announcements from Salesforce.

Oracle Blockchain

Oracle Blockchain

Oracle is the enterprise blockchain dark horse. Its stealthy but deeply funded and well-sourced entry into the market follows Oracle’s well-established pattern: the firm has a history of first dismissing new technologies, only to work quietly and then launch into the new market with full force. …

Cisco Blockchain

Cisco Blockchain

This report focuses on the enterprise blockchain division within Cisco. The firm seemed intent on leveraging distributed ledgers to enhance its existing strengths at the network layer, but recently we learned that Cisco has essentially stopped investing in blockchain and plans to open-source its work to date. Intriguingly, Cisco had been promising a network-embedded option soon.