Vendor Vignette: ai

Microsoft Project Cortex

Project Cortex is a significant move by Microsoft to essentially pivot
its content management functionality into a knowledge management
application. Though only time will tell how successful this shift is,
in our opinion it’s a good move for the company.

Generis CARA

Generis CARA is a well-known brand within the pharmaceuticals
sector, where it competes head-on with Veeva. Outside of that niche,
CARA has little visibility. Even so, though Generis is a relatively
small company, it has a long legacy and deep levels of expertise in
content management.


In terms of innovation, Ripcord checks all the boxes, combining robotics with cloud software for capture. But its uniqueness may also be its weakness. For such a differentiated product, the firm has only limited industry visibility. … That said, Ripcord does represent a step forward in the capture, archiving, and records management world: its speed in capturing and processing paper documents sets a new benchmark.


Parascript is a traditional and long-established OCR/ICR capture vendor with some advanced machine learning and AI capabilities (which it labels Smart Learning) that differentiate it from the pack. However, despite the fact that Parascript is one of the pioneers of text recognition, with the team’s experience dating back to the 1980s, the firm remains small, with limited market visibility.


We like Guru and applaud its ambition and success to date. … If it can become the centralized knowledge hub across the information stack, it stands a decent chance of long-term success. But that is a challenge, and one recognized by the company.

Leverton AI

Over its short life span, Leverton has carved out a solid niche for itself in the real estate software market. But what sets Leverton apart is, in our analysis, that it has built its own (patented) AI stack. This is an approach that appears to go beyond traditional capture and content analysis.