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Appian IDP

Appian’s focus with IDP (cognitive capture) is to provide a full array of process options in a low-code environment that can quickly build highly targeted applications for your business. We like this approach a lot, as capture without process has limited value.

Indico | Information Management | Vendor Vignettes


figured out how to make deep learning workable for intelligent process automation (IPA). The company has an impressive strategy to democratize neural networks and bring the benefits into mainstream document workflows.

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The company could disrupt the cognitive capture market by applying content analytics AI methods to classify and extract data, and its “librarian robot” approach could help organizations maximize their ROI from current and new RPA investments.

Grooper Analyst Report | Deep Analysis | Vendor Vignettes

Grooper (Updated 2021)

Grooper represents one of the more remarkable corporate and technology pivots we have seen. A company that was well known and long established in the capture/scanning market reinvents itself as a data integration platform vendor. What it has done so far – and it has taken seven years of development work – it has done well.

Citrix workspace | Deep Analysis | Vendor Vignettes

Citrix Workspace

What Citrix has done well is to build a niche for itself, targeting
workers and enterprises that leverage multiple, fragmented applications and products, and delivering a platform that can intelligently unify otherwise awkward situations.

IPwe report | Deep Analysis | Vendor Vignettes


Though it is still early, it is hard not to be impressed by the progress
and ambition of IPwe. What struck us most is that the company
has leveraged both AI and blockchain in an attempt to transform a
traditional and slow-moving sector and create a revolutionary new
trading marketplace.

Abbyy Analyst Report | Deep Analysis | Vendor Vignettes

ABBYY Timeline

In 2019, ABBYY expanded its software
beyond intelligent capture into intelligent process mining and discovery
tools that utilize neural network technology. Both intelligent capture
and intelligent process discovery are hot trends in the digital process
automation market, making ABBYY an important company for
enterprises to keep on their radar. ABBYY acquired TimelinePI
in May 2019. This report focuses on the ABBYY Timeline product and evaluates the firm’s positioning in the overall digital process automation marketplace.

Collabware Review


Collabware brings to the table a sensible and practical method
for managing content both in place and by leveraging a data lake
approach. However, the company today has little visibility in the
market, and its ambitious plan to rethink governance and RM flies
beneath the radar.

Nuxeo Insight Review

Nuxeo Insight

Nuxeo Insight has gone further than most in bridging the gap between
highly trained data scientists and non-technical business users, making
it one of the more effective and useful AI systems for content analysis
that we have seen.

Microsoft Project Cortex

Microsoft Project Cortex

Project Cortex is a significant move by Microsoft to essentially pivot
its content management functionality into a knowledge management
application. Though only time will tell how successful this shift is,
in our opinion it’s a good move for the company.