Tungsten Automation (Kofax) launches GenAI Copilots for intelligent automation

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Tungsten Automation (Kofax) launches GenAI Copilots for intelligent automation

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The market leader in IDP makes its AI move with TotalAgility 8

Yesterday February 27, Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) officially announced TotalAgility® 8, an upgrade to its flagship IDP and automation platform that includes several new generative AI capabilities for content-intensive workflows and business insights. When we first blogged about Tungsten’s GenAI roadmap in August 2023 (and compared then-Kofax to the proverbial elephant in the room), IDP industry friends reached out to us and privately expressed their doubt about Tungsten’s ability to deliver anything meaningful within 12 to 18 months. A few even suspected the company was attempting to freeze the market long enough to catch up to the competition.

Well, here we are only six months later and most of the promised GenAI features are in general release, with one more to follow in April. Looks like an impressive effort by Brad Hamilton* and the TA product development team. Before the launch, SVP of products Adam Field and product manager David Sentongo briefed us on the details and demonstrated three new Copilots. Here’s what we learned.

Copilot for Data Extraction (coming soon in April 2024)

The core of IDP is data extraction from documents; get that part wrong and nothing else matters. And as anyone familiar with IDP knows, data extraction is about far more than just the OCR engine. IDP includes pre-processing crappy images, OCR, document layout, NLP, data validation, exception handling, data formatting, integrations to other systems, and much more.

So, this new Copilot is really the “Big One” for TotalAgility customers who rely on it everyday to feed business processes with accurate data extraction at scale. The Copilot uses GenAI (from AzureOpenAI) to assist with the creation of new extraction models and can be applied to all document types and any language. Tungsten claims this could reduce model setup and training time per data field or document type from days down to mere seconds. In the demo, TA showed the zero-shot capability of GenAI to automatically extract labels and fields from a claims document it saw for the first time.

We cannot overstate the importance of these seemingly small productivity and efficiency gains. Back in August, Tungsten was brave enough to compare the “old” TA way of extraction with the new TA way powered by GenAI. Take a look at all the Today State manual processes that can now be automated with Copilot for Extraction (the Future State).

Copilot for Development

Now one can rather quickly transform ideas or workflows sketched on a napkin or whiteboard into actionable workflows, forms and data models within TotalAgility. There are two ways to do it. You can type in your request using the natural language interface, a bit like prompting with ChatGPT. Or (cool feature alert) you can use the multi-modal workflow creator that can ingest a handwritten diagram or photo of a whiteboard and then auto-code a workflow for you. Tungsten estimates this Copilot can save up to 70% of your time compared to its pre-GenAI method. We think this is a nice no-code starter tool and we expect it will require additional work to refine and tweak most workflows before unleashing them to the users.

The following screen shot shows how to create a new auto insurance claims workflow using the prompt box to converse with Copilot.

Copilot for Insights

This one extracts insights from documents so users can make faster, better decisions. The user experience is similar to Microsoft Copilot: one converses with the documents by asking questions in natural language and receives instant answers with links back to the source. The team gave a real-world example: case workers at a large bank in Canada will use it to analyze and summarize multiple long-form documents from a customer case file. The GenAI powering the Copilot makes it possible for one case worker to summarize many documents without the need to read every page or line, so the time savings should really add up.

Copilot for Insights is available from the Tungsten Marketplace as an add-on to TotalAgility 8. It was designed in conjunction with Blue Orange Digital, a New York city based data transformation and cloud infrastructure agency that helps businesses to implement data-driven analytic techniques. The agency provides the professional services for implementation and ongoing customer support.

Wait…there’s more

Tungsten also launched a new Document AI Model Library for TA 8. Current customers will be over the moon because they no longer need to develop new extraction models from scratch. Now they can simply drag and drop the cloud-based models directly into workflows, and the corresponding fields will auto-populate. The library includes dozens of new out of the box extraction models such as tax forms, bank statements, invoices and many more. These are not LLM-powered models; just “good-old fashioned” discriminative machine learning models that were pretrained for specific document types and best of all, never hallucinate.


Kofax has finally joined the ranks of 4th Wave IDP software with a well-thought-out AI product plan for its customer base. And none too soon: nimbler 4th Wave competitors such as Hyperscience, UiPath, Rossum, Instabase, Eigen, Indico Data, etc. are already in market with their GenAI features.

We think Kofax has done the right thing by moving cautiously and consulting its large customer base. Unlike many other IDP companies, Kofax has an extensive product line including RPA and has acquired several IDP products with accompanying technical debt. It takes a long time for an aircraft carrier to change course, and when it does you hope the crew has rigorously checked and double-checked every facet of the maneuver.

If you are a Kofax customer looking for independent, third-party advice on when, how and where to adopt generative AI, Deep Analysis is happy to help. Sign up for a free “counseling” session with an expert in process and document automation.

*Dan worked with Brad at Kofax back in the day. 

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