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The 2020 Deep Analysis Innovation Index………

2020 has been a year of misery, economic crisis, hardship, political upheaval, and of course, COVID 19. So, we want to close this year out with a positive, socially distant, and safe celebration of our industry.

To that end, we will soon be launching our Deep Analysis Innovation Index Report; in this report, we highlight the technology vendors that have stood out and who we believe have moved the needle in the industry. In 2020, the Deep Analysis team took over 200 briefings and spoke with many enterprises; that’s what we do. And, occasionally, something jumps out at us; we have a “shut the front door” moment. Out of the blue, we see or hear something that stops us in our tracks. It can be a seemingly small feature improvement or a radical and far-sighted significant new service. That’s what the Innovation Index will highlight, those few standouts that have solved a real-world problem, add measurable value, are adaptable to change (important in these crazy times), and have taken an ingenious/innovative approach.

The Innovation Index has no categories, no silos, no leaders, no fancy labels. It’s 100% independent and ethically sourced. It inspires and provides examples of rethinking, reframing, and reimaging solutions to existing or future enterprise needs. The biggest surprise in compiling the report is that we have an incredibly eclectic mix of tiny startups and mega vendors alike jostling side by side. But then again, technology innovation comes from innovative minds, and those minds may reside in small departments at Fortune 500 companies or in a tiny shared office. Some of the names and products you will be very familiar with, but some will likely be new to you. In terms of technology, it will not come as a big surprise that AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Enterprise Blockchain are significant factors for many in the Innovation Index. Still, in some cases, there is no ”new” technology; instead, it’s a fundamental rethink of how to use well-established technologies.

As we plan life both within and post-pandemic, we know two things for sure, the workforce will be more distributed than before and there is, and will be, a greater rush to automate as much as possible. Just as there is no simple solution to resolving the COVID 19 crisis, there are no simple solutions for managing disrupted and distributed workforces. We are sailing into uncharted waters; and new ideas and approaches are necessary. 

For those of you on our inaugural Innovation Index, you’ll be hearing from us soon. For the rest, I sincerely hope that reading about the vendors who made it to our 2020 Innovation Index, and what they have done, will inspire you to positive change.

Actually the Innovation Index is now live! You can access it by clicking here.

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