At Deep Analysis, we undertake technical and market due diligence for Private Equity, Investment Banks, and Vendors looking to acquire. Hence we keep a close eye on what is happening in the broader Information Management and Enterprise Automation market. May, except for the massive Kofax deal (our analysis here), has been relatively quiet, but a few deals this month did catch our attention….


The Trump Organization has retained HaystackID to use its tools to trawl through its communications and files to meet the requirements of legal disputes running in New York. This week, Judge Arthur Engoren demanded more transparency and urgency from HaystackID.

Legal Week

egal tech appears to be ‘crossing the chasm’ to use a somewhat tired cliche. All in all, that is a good thing, but with that shift comes as many challenges as it does opportunities. We will be exploring many of these over the coming months, and we very much welcome any feedback (as long as it’s polite!).