Six Vendors to Watch in Q1 2023 – new research

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Six Vendors to Watch in Q1 2023 – new research

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Settle down, grab a cup of tea, put your feet up, and have a good long read of what we believe to be excellent and timely industry research.

Roll up, roll up; there is a lot of new research available from Deep Analysis to kick off the new year! Indeed a bumper crop of Vendor Vignettes and a major new long-form report. 

In January, we launched a report called ‘Work Intelligence’; overnight, it became one of our most-read reports ever. In a nutshell, in the report, we explore how the various fighting factions in the world of automation, from BPM to Task Mining and back again, can and should work in harmony. We also examine the delicate balancing act organizations must perform to manage the tension between human and artificial intelligence. You can find out what all the fuss is about by reading ‘Work Intelligence’ here.

At Deep Analysis, we always look for vendors innovating and moving our industry forward, whether mammoth firms like Microsoft & Salesforce or emerging startups like mindzie and The following reports are now open-sourced and free to download (though we do ask you to register your name etc.):


New to our coverage is mindzie, a process mining tool designed to provide non-technical staff with insight into where they should prioritize their automation efforts. You can read about mindzie here.

Another new vendor added is the productivity mining platform which we think is one of the most advanced options for providing insight and Analysis on operations and processes. You can read about here.


It’s good to see products that don’t comfortably fit into fixed analyst categories like RPA and IDP but instead create solutions to real-world business problems. The company has moved from an early focus on crowd computing through RPA to digital workers assisting humans with routine work. You can read about WorkFusion here.


Newly added to our coverage of Task Mining and Work Intelligence is Mimica, with Mapping and Mining tools that enable organizations to make intelligent and informed decisions about automation. You can read about Mimica here.

Microsoft Syntex

Over a year ago, we first wrote about Microsoft Syntex and planned and planned to update our original report. But the blast of new announcements and a strong 2023 roadmap led to a complete rewrite of our coverage. You can read about Microsoft Syntex here.

Salesforce Genie 

When Salesforce launched Genie, we needed a little time to digest what it meant for their vision for Customer 360, existing customers, prospects, and their investments in Mulesoft and Tableau (amongst others). You can read about Genie here.

Not Free but Worth It Reports

Sadly, we can’t provide all of our research for free. Hence we have premium market forecast reports on our site. Currently, you can buy and download access to our IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) and the Search KM Market Forecasts, with an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and Enterprise Automation Market Forecasts in the works that we hope to publish later in H1 2023.

So settle down, grab a cup of tea, put your feet up, and have a good long read of what we believe to be excellent and timely industry research. And, of course, if you have any questions or feedback on our research, our door is always open!

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