Research Agenda – 2019-20

Below is our research agenda for the coming year – it may change and will certainly be updated but hopefully this provides you some insight into what we are working on. As always if you have any suggestions or feedback reach out as we want to be sure our work is relevant, timely and of value!

  • Vendor Opportunities Outside the ECM Bubble – Published Some vendors we speak with think that the market for ECM is close to the saturation point. At Deep Analysis we believe that is only half true. Yes, the customers traditionally targeted by ECM vendors have little appetite for major rip-and-replace projects, but there are many other untapped markets that have little to no awareness of what ECM is, what it does, and how it may be of value to them. This Analyst Brief is for forward-looking ECM vendors, service providers, and partners that are ready to explore these markets.
  • Intelligent Process Automation – Published Business process improvement professionals, application developers, and content management practitioners often ask where to start with business process transformation and continuous improvement. Should they go big by tackling a strategic, cross-functional project? Or, should they focus on a smaller departmental effort and use that project as a springboard for a larger initiative? One area that holds a lot of promise are processes that involve multiple hand-offs between front office and back office, between departments or locations, and interactions with partners and customers.
  • Digital Transformation: Bridge the Skills Abyss – Published Business stakeholders, technologists, and marketers each have a stake in delivering digital transformation success. But, depending on the firm’s sector and its C-suite leadership, digital transformation projects will most likely be seen through one of two lenses: customer experience (CX) or operational excellence (OPEX). Limiting the scope to one focus is a mistake. Large-scale digital transformation projects should address both perspectives, and project teams must tap into both skill sets. Successful initiatives will combine a rich mix of business stakeholder experience, technology expertise, and marketing insights, coupled with deep skills in customer experience and operational excellence.
  • State of the Intelligent Process Automation Market— 2019 – In progress This state of the market report examines:1) the key technology and business trends impacting the intelligent process automation market; 2) segments the market according to low-code, traditional BPM, content solutions, process-driven applications, and integration with RPA;  3) identifies vendor positioning, strengths, and weaknesses; and4) describes market drivers influencing usage and implementation approaches.
  • Blockchain for Business Content – In progress An update on our 2017 report examining the potential role of Blockchain in real world, content-centric business environments.
  • Comparing Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive – In progress These four File Sharing platforms have emerged as the clear market leaders. In this report, we will examine the key differences between each, where each makes a good enterprise fit and where we seeing them progress over the coming year.
  • Eleven Billion ECM File Benchmark Review – In progress Deep Analysis is advising upon and monitoring a landmark 11 Billion file benchmark exercise to build a working ECM system in AWS using DynamoDB. We will publish the results of the test and examine how and where such a large system may be of value in the market.
  • New Market Analysis for ECM – Brazil – In progress This report will represent the first detailed examination of the Brazilian market for ECM products and services.
  • New Market Analysis for ECM – India This report will represent the first detailed examination of the Indian market for ECM products and services.
  • State of the ECM Market – 2019-20 Though rapidly changing, the ECM market continues to grow. This report will analyze those changes and map the challenges and opportunities for buyers and sellers of ECM technologies and services.
  • Lessons Learned in Intelligent Process Automation Best practices are essential for successful intelligent process automation implementations. This report, based on interviews with business and technology leaders, will surface the critical success factors, best practices, and lessons learned that large organizations identified during their process automation deployments, and provides prescriptive advice for organizations embarking on their initiatives.?
  • File Migration, Tools, Strategies & Opportunities An update of our 2017/18 research report examining the challenges, technologies & services available to migrate large repositories to the cloud.
  • The Digital Supply Chain in Action Marketing departments, ad agencies, and media companies are often mired down with poorly managed, high-value media assets spanning numerous locations while operating with manual or semi-automated processes for creating, reviewing, approving, updating and controlling vast collections. This interview-based report will examine how leading organizations are streamlining their digital supply chains internally and among external suppliers and partners, and provides recommendations for launching similar projects.
  • Citizen Developers: A Process Automation Myth, Blessing or Curse? Intelligent process automation vendors often claim their users are business people who create automated processes using low-code/no-code tools and robotic process automation scripts. These so-called citizen developers are seen by many as the wave of the future, supplanting business analysts, DevOps and application developers. But, is it really true? And if so, how are companies managing the process? This report examines whether citizen developers are widespread, a rarity, or vendor myth, and how best practices and process governance can and should be maintained in a citizen-developer organization.  

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