Innovation Awards 2023

This is our fourth year of running our Innovation Awards. As in past years, we reviewed our thoughts on the over 150 briefings we take each year and picked the rare, standout “shut the front door!” moments when we were dazzled by something truly innovative and exciting. But in our world, innovative and exciting technologies also have to add true business value by solving real-world problems. They need to deliver positive change.

So, the Deep Analysis team whittled down these standout moments into a short list of companies that address all four elements in our evaluation matrix and thus fulfill the requirements of our Innovation Awards methodology (detailed in the next section). This means many excellent technologies we encountered didn’t make the cut. It takes something special to get an Innovation Award, and we think the firms we identified in 2023 deserve a shout-out and time in the spotlight. In short, the winners this year are the best of the best.

Author: Deep Analysis

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