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TechTarget: Antitrust lawsuits against Facebook dismissed

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of consulting firm Deep Analysis, said although the FTC’s complaint will likely be amended and refiled, he’s doubtful of a successful outcome. He called Facebook a powerful company, deeply embedded in consumers’ lives and said it will have “factored in a plan B to deal with any outcome,” even if the case rises to the level of the Supreme Court. “Firms at the scale of Facebook can afford to fight these moves with near unlimited resources,” he said. “Moreover, they can afford to drag them out over long periods of time with no impact on their bottom line.” Still, he said, the dismissed lawsuits send a strong message to technology companies like Facebook that the days of gobbling up companies without scrutiny and growing at an unprecedented pace are over. “The [antitrust lawsuits] are a threat and will be treated as such,” he said. “Not a threat to their existence or profitability, but a threat to [companies like Facebook] continuing to do what they want, when they want — and potentially a threat to their image.”

EXBulletin: Five Antitrust Reform Bills

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of consulting firm Deep Analysis, said the proposed bill was far behind, but delays in regulation by companies such as Apple and Google were also part of the problem. Had the bill been enacted 10 years ago, it would have been more successful in preventing such companies from becoming today’s megacorporations. Today, tech giants are active on a global scale with “few people can imagine” and can fight the legislature in a “previously unimaginable” way. “Undoubtedly, some of this law may move forward and some may be enacted,” he said. “For people like Facebook and Google, life will be a little harder. It will be a thorn on their side, but I don’t think it will have a serious impact on their business.”

DMCollaborators: Unless we start being honest and ethical about workplace automation, we’ll face a massive blow-back

It’s an important question—and one that has had a very rigorous exploration in Alan Pelz-Sharpe’s latest ‘Ethical Innovation’ column for KMWorld magazine. For Alan—ex Ovum and 451, and who now heads up an advisory firm focused solely on disruption and innovation in information management, Deep Analysis—now is definitely time to start seriously considering these issues. His starting point is that while in a technical briefing with a software vendor, the following rather startling question was posed: “How many resources are required to execute that task—of course, that covers both humans and robots?”

WBOC: Over 80% of business professionals acknowledge deepfake threats

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, the founder of Deep Analysis, an industry analyst firm focused on innovation and disruptive technologies, states “AI & ML is used in one form or another by virtually every company today, whether they know it or not. Though technology can bring great advances, it comes with many challenges and risks. Many firms are starting to get to grips with challenges in AI, few have considered the external challenges of malicious actors using AI and deepfake techniques to defraud or damage them.”

Wall Street Journal: Beijing Tries to Put Its Imprint on Blockchain

“The blockchain community is utterly fascinated by [BSN] because it’s such a big bold move,” said Alan Pelz–Sharpe, founder of technology advisory Deep Analysis….. A Beijing-backed initiative aims to shape a category of online record-keeping called blockchain. Most commonly associated with bitcoin, blockchain holds broad promise for business and other uses but has been hobbled by a lack of uniform technical standards.

SearchCIO: DataRobot looks to enterprise AI coders with Zepl acquisition

While enterprises are using more machine learning and AI technology in prepackaged and pre-trained forms — often embedded in standard business applications — a big market remains for custom-built, company-specific AI applications, said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, principal analyst and founder of Deep Analysis. With its acquisition of Zepl, DataRobot is trying to meet the challenge of organizing, coordinating, managing and to some degree automating the work of data scientists who build these custom AI applications, Pelz-Sharpe said.

TechCrunch: Starboard Value puts Box on notice that it’s looking to take over board

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder and principal analyst at Deep Analysis, a firm that closely tracks the content management market, says the two sides clearly aren’t aligned and that’s not likely to change. “Starboard targeted and gained a seat on the board at Box at a difficult time for the firm, thats the modus operandi for activist investors. Since that time there has clearly been a lot of improvements in terms of Box’s financial goals. However, there is and will remain a misalignment between Starboard’s goals, and Box led by Levie as a whole. Though both would like to see the share price rise, Starboard’s end goal is most likely to see Box acquired, sooner rather than later, and that is not Box’s goal,” he said.

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