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ReWorked: Microsoft Unbundles Teams From Microsoft 365 Globally. What It Means for the Digital Workplace

So what exactly is happening? Deep Analysis founder Alan Pelz-Sharpe said Microsoft is clearly unbundling Teams to avoid an antitrust mess.  “It’s less about actually losing and more about the global perception of them breaking antitrust regulations and essentially stiffing customers. Hence, it makes sense to make the change global rather than local,” he said. “It’s good for Salesforce/Slack for sure, but in many ways it may be a phyric victory.” The pandemic and the rush to remote work drove every company that didn’t already have universal video conferencing and collaboration tools to quickly adopt them. As Teams was bundled into existing Microsoft licensing it made financial sense to adopt Teams rather than paying separately for Zoom or Slack, he added.

ReWorked: How Process Mining Unearths Your Company’s Digital Footprints

The spike in interest may also be, according to Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder and principal analyst at Deep Analysis, based on the fact that the technology “has become much easier to use, both to mine processes and to understand where improvements can be made.”  But while typical process mining projects in organizations today include high-value options like back-office finance, procurement and order management, some say the potential — i.e., the ways companies could be using the technology — is in fact limitless. 

TechCrunch: As Microsoft unbundles Teams, it might not have the impact on Slack you think

Maybe Butterfield was right, but it’s probably too late to matter. “While Microsoft is unbundling Teams simply to avoid an antitrust mess, it’s good for Salesforce/Slack for sure, but in many ways it may be a Pyrrhic victory,” Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder and principal analyst at Deep Analysis, told TechCrunch. The market has matured to the point that many larger firms have made their choice, and since swapping out solutions isn’t a trivial matter, unbundling Teams is unlikely to have an appreciable impact on market share.

TechCrunch: Aaron Levie leads Box into its third era

“At the end of the day, enterprises want to leverage that content — not just store it — to drive automation and improve business outcomes,” said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder and principal analyst at Deep Analysis. “And hence acquisitions like Crooze provide ever simpler tools to develop those outcomes. Crooze is probably the most significant acquisition Box has made to date.”

KMWorld: Go Back to Paper-Based Processes?

We can’t go back in time or re-create the past, but we can tap our past experiences to make better decisions in the present and future. As a community, we have decades of experience working with KM in a digital age, yet we have a poor record of learning from our mistakes. In my estimation, we can draw at least one big lesson from the past and use it to our advantage in the future. What is that lesson? When it comes to data and information, “less is more.”

LeMagIT: GenAI : Box ajoute Azure OpenAI dans sa boîte à IA

Offrir aux utilisateurs l’accès à différents LLM est aussi un moyen de prendre du recul par rapport au marché de l’IA générative – un marché très mouvant et en devenir, ajoute Alan Pelz-Sharpe, fondateur de Deep Analysis. Dans certains cas, les entreprises peuvent même souhaiter apporter leur propre modèle, plus adapté à la terminologie de leur secteur d’activité. C’est ce que l’on commence déjà à appeler le Bring Your Own AI (BYOAI) ou le Bring Your Own LLM. Bien que le Bring your own AI soit encore plus l’exception que la règle, les besoins pourraient évoluer vers ce genre d’option, entrevoit l’expert. Tout comme ils vont certainement évoluer vers des modèles plus petits (les Small Language Models ou SML).

ReWorked: Microsoft’s AI Access Principles Are All About Its Market Position

While self-regulation — and indeed any attempt at regulation — is admirable, it doesn’t address the realities of the AI market and competition in the market. Microsoft, Google and to a lesser extent AWS do not want to be out-positioned by market entrants at a time of significant change in the technology landscape, noted Matt Mullen, lead analyst for AI applications at Deep Analysis.

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