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iWeekly China: Who does your face belong to?

“The Clearview controversy falls into the abyss that many criminal justice issues fall into-only those who do bad things should worry about it, why should ordinary people worry about it?” He said, “Of course, the problem here is much broader because This technology affects everyone and anyone can use it for any purpose. “

TechTarget: Clearview AI Controversy

Pelz-Sharpe said he thinks such platforms will be used to “target, identify and discriminate.” Activists have expressed the same concerns over the last few years: that authoritarian governments could use facial recognition to target government protestors, for example. But, “no doubt those using the technology will somehow attempt to justify their actions if challenged,” he said.

Jotform: What is an Enterprise?

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of Deep Analysis, confirms that there are lots of definitions of “enterprise,” many of which conflict with one another. Based on his expertise, he loosely defines an enterprise as a “for-profit company with huge revenue.” He says enterprises are neither medium-sized businesses nor small businesses, but rather very large ones.

CIO: Middle East’s digital transformation laggard status may be a benefit

The Middle East is better positioned for digital transformation than many other regions because it is not over-encumbered with complex legacy IT systems that have been heavily customised over time, according to Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of research and analysis consultancy Deep Analysis and author of bestseller “Practical Artificial Intelligence – An Enterprise Playbook.”

TechTarget: New capabilities added to Alfresco Governance Services

“AI is offered in some legal discovery software systems, and over time all these specialized vendors will leverage AI and machine learning,” said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder and principal analyst at Deep Analysis. He added that the AI-powered feature of Alfresco Governance Services is one of the first such offerings from a more general information management vendor. “It is positioned to augment the specialized vendors’ work, essentially curating and capturing relevant bodies of information for deeper analysis.”

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