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Author: Dan Lucarini & Alan Pelz-Sharpe

Intelligent document processing (IDP) software is powered by AI and automates document processing by assisting – or even replacing – human work.


Author: Alan Pelz-Sharpe & Peter Brooks

Blockchains used in business cases such as authenticating documents, transactions, or processes where trust and security are paramount.


Author: Matt Mullen and Alan Pelz-Sharpe

Enterprise search and knowledge management (KM) are still separate practices, but both aim to improve data searchability to help workers do their jobs.


Author: Matt Mullen & Alan Pelz-Sharpe

Deep Analysis defines Work Intelligence as the balanced partnership of human and artificial intelligence to accurately and efficiently understand, analyze, monitor, and improve an organization’s way of working.


Author: Matt Mullen

This report is designed for leaders at organizations considering adding GenAI capabilities to their enterprise software.


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Work Intelligence Market Analysis 2024-2029