Our Services

Advisory Services​

We provide actionable advice and guidance to:

  • Help enterprises to procure and select the best fit and best cost technologies (AI, ECM, Process Automation)
  • Provide insight into new trends to expand your business
  • Guide your product development and product launches
  • Deliver competitive insights to position your service for rapid growth
  • Explore emerging global markets, such as the UK and EU (post-Brexit), Brazil, India, and Australia

Our areas of Focus​

At Deep Analysis we do not claim to be experts in all aspects and areas of IT. We do, however, have deep expertise and research in the areas of:

  • Information Management
  • Blockchain for Business
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Process Automation

We also have expertise and deep networks of contacts in the following specific industry verticals:

  • Supply Chain
  • IT Services
  • Regulated Industries
  • Finance

Research Services

All of our work is steeped in and driven by our research activities. We are solely focused on new and emerging markets and technologies and their impact on the enterprise. In rapidly changing technology markets, identifying new opportunities and having the tools and information to respond to those changes quickly is vital.

We differ from other analyst firms in that our research, though informed by technology vendors, is not driven by them. We first and foremost focus our analysis on the real world business needs and activities of buyers and users of technology. A great deal of our time is spent talking to those buyers and users to ensure our research and advice reflects real world realities.

 Through our research services we develop and deliver:

  • State of the Market Reports – Deep analysis into the current state and market dynamics
  • Analyst Briefs – Short reports providing focused guidance and advice
  • Analyst Notes – Timely market insights
  • White Papers, Videos & Webinars – Commissioned research
  • Workshops – Onsite strategy and training sessions
  • Conference Keynotes


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