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New Research!

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It’s been quite some time since we published a batch of vendor insight reports, but hopefully, it has been worth the wait.

It’s been quite some time since we published a batch of vendor insight reports, but hopefully, it has been worth the wait. Truth be told, despite the general AI tech hype, finding innovative and fresh ideas in the marketplace has been challenging recently. In large part, that is due to funding becoming much harder to secure and the fact that tech innovation tends to come in waves: a year or two of flooding, then a period of dryness till the next wave hits. Even so, we have some good ones for you this time round, and as always, it’s not just startups coming up with fresh or novel ideas; long-established players such as Appian are moving the needle, too. So, without further ado, here is a quick summary of our new research. Remember, full access to these reports is for our valued subscribers only and you can access these reports by clicking here. If you are not a subscriber but interested in learning more, email us at [email protected].


ai12z utilizes the latest thinking on AI use within organizations’ ways of working and packages it to be simple and painless to deploy for mid-sized organizations. The company’s simply articulated strategy for packaging AI in RAG-enabled LLMs will appeal to organizations that do not have dedicated technical teams to build this architecture themselves.


Appian is not just talking about moving toward “The AI Enterprise,” they are making it a reality. Their triptych of AI, data, and process is underpinned by their patented Data Fabric and newly available ProcessHQ products. This is probably the most extensive and powerful approach to providing oversight and analysis of true enterprise automation complexity that we have seen. 


After recently receiving funding from Salesforce, specialist Process Mining vendor Apromore is beginning to impact the enterprises and enterprise applications that were always in its sights. Executing enablement within the Salesforce ecosystem will help it take its forward-thinking ideas into a broader range of boardrooms. 


The world does not need another ECM system but a radical new approach. Hence, Docuvela is stripping back and reimagining what is genuinely required for an AI-driven world. The Veladocs product provides a cleanly architected, secure, easy-to-use, cost-effective, but sophisticated unstructured data management platform—something many if not most, enterprise AI vendors currently lack.

Reshape AI

Reshape AI is an early-stage start-up offering a no-code AI-based document processing and workflow automation product. Reshape stands out with its impressive ability to totally eliminate the need
to code when building enterprise-grade document-centric workflow activities. It’s still early days, but we like what we have seen. 

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