Podcast: The Role of AI in Business Process Automation

In this RTInsights Real-Time Talk podcast, Joe McKendrick, industry analyst at RTInsights and Connie Moore, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Deep Analysis, discuss the challenges and general benefits of using AI in business process automation that looks at how process automation can help companies during the current pandemic, and then look at how the technology can be used post-pandemic to deliver even more benefits to an organization.

Community Roundtable Podcast: What a Crisis Reveals About Technology

Is technology delivering on the promises it has made now that the world is remote first? Will there be a shift from companies building the technologies they want to see and start building the technologies the world needs? Join Rachal and Alan for this fascinating discussion about what the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed about the technology around us.

Discussing the Future of ECM – Spring 2020


In this episode of the AODocs Podcast, Vice Chairman for the Association of Intelligent Information Management and AODocs VP of Marketing Dave Jones sits down with Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Analyst and Founder of Deep Analysis, to discuss the state of the information management market and how file, sync, and share start-ups are shaking things up for ECM players.

AI Overview

An Overview with Alan Pelz Sharpe of

Don’t know anything about Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning? Start here. In this conversation, Alan talks to you about the broad landscape of Artificial Intelligence. How has it evolved? Why is everyone talking about it today? Will it really replace everyone?

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