Cut through the hype surrounding technology, automation, and organizational change.
Get tactical tools and knowledge to become a transformational leader in your organization.

Organizations around the world are talking about digitization, digital transformation, Industry 4.0, eGovernment 2.0, and more. With an explosion of new technologies from blockchain to AI offering new possibilities for change and automation, where can you find out what all this means in practical terms?

Masterclasses by Deep Analysis cut through the hype and deliver practical and actionable advice and information you can use in your organization. Led by globally recognized and highly experienced experts, the sessions allow
you to become certified in using tactical tools and knowledge to become a transformational leader in your organization. Our Masterclasses are highly interactive and allow in-depth exploration of topics and technologies relevant to your needs.


  • Organizations looking to digitally transform their operations
  • Executives, Directors, and Managers responsible for leading and funding those transformations
  • Anyone at an organization in transformation who needs to get up to speed quickly
  • Managers who need to become digital leaders in their organizations

What We Do

  • Inform and empower business leaders to make positive business changes
  • Initiate lifelong learning experiences and relationships
  • Provide a confidential and safe environment to discuss your challenges
  • Provide Masterclasses that are designed and led by experienced industry experts

Course Descriptions

Information Management

Information is at the core of many businesses, whether as documents, forms, or even video and data. Today, that information is growing exponentially and stored in many different silos, making it difficult to sift through and access. At the same time, regulations for handling personal data are becoming stricter in some parts of the world. Our Masterclasses explain how to tackle challenges such as records and data management, search and accessibility, lifecycle and disposition, as well as collaboration. This course provides the foundation for all other sessions. 

Strategy & Governance

Strategic oversight and guidance allows for direction to the operationalization of a solid information management.  This course begins with gaining understanding of legislations, standards and requirements applicable to the information you create and capture.  You will also learn privacy and risk mitigation ramifications to data, information and everything in between.  Our Masterclass will enable you to create a business-focused IMT Governance strategy that will grow with your business.

Document Imaging & Capture

Digitisation of physical documents can expedite and lay a solid foundation for other projects like Automation and Business Intelligence. When deciding to complete a digitisation project, it is important to understand the lifecycle of what you are digitizing, and what efficiencies your organization wants to achieve. Our Masterclass will educate participants what digitisation is, how to have a successful project, analysis of analog to get the data in the details, legislation and enduring value records.


The COVID-19 pandemic has created a surge of interest in automation. Organizations are looking to automate everything from traditional paper-based document processes to entire supply chains. Our Masterclass explains in depth how automation technologies work – from robotic process automation (RPA) for simple tasks to intelligent process automation (IPA) platforms for complex process management – how and when you should use them, how to understand the differences between the products on the market, and how to make a selection.

Intelligence & Analysis

Organizations must trust the data they are using to make decisions.  If the data is accurate, reliable, and trustworthy, it enables solid intelligence, analytics and monetization.  Our Masterclass on Intelligence & Analysis focuses on the integrity and quality of your data assets to set the foundation for BI.  Then this course will guide you through how to maximize your data to use software and services to turn data into actionable insights that may be used to guide strategic and tactical business choices.

Emerging Innovation

Innovation begins from an idea.  This course is designed to guide your organization from idea to implementation.  Our Masterclass will begin guidance to facilitate and brainstorm ideas to help them grow into actionable projects that will push transformation in your business.  It will also highlight what is new and upcoming in technologies so you will be able to make informed decisions on how to use them within your business.

Project Delivery

Sometimes it is difficult to understand how to properly plan, resource and implement a project.  This Masterclass will education your business on how to identify when projects require full scale management, and when they may only require minimal resources and change management.  From identification of

Compliance & Risk

When things go bad, proper mitigation and compliance can minimize the impact to business.  In this Masterclass series, we will discuss how to build a risk and security strategy that will allow you to respond quickly, communicate through chain of command, report on compliance and defensibly identify the organizations support for risk response.  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery will also be discussed.

Privacy and Access to Information

Globalization of business has brought forward the need to be able to prove compliance with safeguarding personal information.  Legislation that overlaps between local, state/province, federal and global can be confusing to understand what to follow and when.  Our Masterclass will allow your business to identify what is personally identifiable information that must be maintained securely, in order to balance the right to know, with the right to be forgotten.

Ethics and Literacy

The influx of information, “fake news” has, arguably, degraded our ability to effectively identify “truth”.  This Masterclass will invite you to dive into the data and information ocean to discuss how to identify cognitive bias, dissonance and learn how to view information and data for what it is.  Ethical business practices with the information will showcase how organizations can become leaders in ethical data monetization, and reduce disinformation.