Market Analysis Reports

Author: Alan Pelz-Sharpe & Peter Brooks

Enterprise blockchain is a market that defies easy definition; it’s a challenging mix of heady technology and boring use

Author: Alan Pelz-Sharpe & Peter Brooks

The Enterprise Blockchain market is relatively new, in our view dating to 2016. In many respects this market is topsy-tu

Author: Alan Pelz-Sharpe & Dan Lucarini

Intelligent document processing (IDP) software is an essential component of digital transformation projects. In this rep

Author: Matt Mullen and Alan Pelz-Sharpe

The worlds of enterprise search and KM are converging rapidly as long-established enterprise search vendors pivot to KM,

Author: Matt Mullen & Alan Pelz-Sharpe

When organizations want to improve efficiency and reduce costs of their internal processes, their thoughts inevitably tu