Information Automation & Management (IAM) Roundup – July/August 2022

There is a recession, IPOs are in short supply, and VCs are treading more cautiously. But that doesn’t mean there is tumbleweed rolling through town, no siree; things are busy as a quick look at the past month shows. Sure, no mega deals, but a flurry of smaller deals closing, some seismic shifts underway, and many more deals in the works between now and the end of the year. Below are a bunch that caught our attention recently:

Alvaria, the EX & CX engagement management firm, acquired process analytics firm Cicero

Document workflow vendor Airslate acquired document signature and PDF editing firm DocHub.

BPM vendor DocuPhase acquired document signature and forms firm Frevvo

Edinburgh-based document management firm Legado acquired bill management firm WonderBill

Canada-based investment firm Valsoft acquired document and workflow management company WorkDynamic

Danish SI (and SAP partner) BoyumIT acquired IDP vendor Paperflow

UK-based content and video security firm Synamedia acquired content discovery vendor Utelly

Marketing tech firm FMG acquired Vestorly the AI-based content management and personalization vendor

Healthcare data startup Ciitizen acquired Stella Technologies’ health information business

South Carolina-based Purecars acquired Digital Asset Management firm Autosigma

And finally, Kofax acquired long time capture rival Ephesoft in August

In less positive news, supply chain software firm FourKites has decided to close down its Haven document management platform.

Two particular deals that caught our eye this past month, though, are those made by Veeva and UIPath….

Veeva acquired one of its closest competitors, UK-based Zinc Ahead. Both are intensely focused on the Life Sciences and Pharma space, and the deal brings not just more customers but expands Veevas’s reach further into compliance.

You can read more of our analysis on UIPath’s acquisition of Re:Infer an AI firm we covered in our research in February – suffice to say, we think it’s a good deal.

It’s worth noting that all this activity is occurring in a harsh economic climate, but not so tough for some as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon have seen their cloud revenues soar recently.  The broader economy may have issues, but software and services to automate and bring order to business chaos are still thriving.

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