Info Management & Automation M&A Roundup May-June 2022

It’s been quite a busy month in Information Management & Automation, our home, out there on the edge of the technology sector. Despite doom and gloom in the economy and geopolitical unrest, a sharp decline in IPO’s plenty of deals big and small are still active in our corner of the world. Below is a list of the transactions that recently caught our eye:

Finnish ERP firm Admicon Oyj acquired Kotopro, the real estate and construction-focused Document Management software firm Kotopro for 8x revenue.

Norwegian DAM vendor FotoWare (owned by Viking Ventures) acquired Switzerland-based DAM vendor Picturepark to expand its central European footprint.

West Coast-based Ontra, the $240m VC-backed Contract Automation startup, acquired East Coast startup FundFormer to add document automation and completion to its product set.

BV Investment Partner owned CivicPlus, the government-focused website enablement firm, bought Records Management and Compliance vendor Optimere.

Thoma Bravo sold Kofax to Clearlake Capital and TA Associates in April this year but didn’t stop it from acquiring Invoice Processing and AP vendor Tungsten in June.

There was also plenty going on in the IM-focused AI market:

Symbioticware, the NLP-focused Canadian startup, acquired California-based Y-Combinator startup Palifer to add patented AI meaning extraction to its portfolio.

In addition, Reddit acquired New York-based NLP meaning extraction startup MeaningCloud.

California-based data labeling startup Datasaur acquired Indonesian-based IDP/OCR firm Konvergen.

Southeast Europe, IT firm Asseco acquired Romanian Document Management Software firm Bithat.

Australias Mantel Group acquired fellow Australian AI/NLP firm

In the Automation world:

Mumbai-based WNS Holdings (NYSE: WNS), the BPM giant acquired Chennai based, Vuram service firm for $165m

Pegasystems (Pega) added process mining to its portfolio in June with the acquisition of Brazilian vendor Everflow.

Salesforce finally announced the release of an RPA product emerging from its 2021 acquisition of Mulesoft.

Last but not least, as it was the largest deal of the month:

British publicly listed compliance vendor Ideagen (the home of 28 acquisitions) was acquired by the UK’s private equity firm HG for a whopping 1.1B pounds

Yes, plenty of things going on, plenty of deals closing. Past recessions have shown us that it is business as usual in the Information Management and Automation world.

That’s the news from the Information Management and Automation sector, where all the vendors are strong, the marketing is good-looking, and the products are above average.

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