Enterprise Search & KM Market Forecast Released

This week we published our Enterprise Search and KM Market Forecast. It’s a niche market, though at $2.6B, not insignificant, and there has been little analyst coverage over recent years. That said, not much happens in the world of Information & Automation Management without a search engine somewhere in the mix. It’s a critical and complex component, but its importance is typically overlooked. From both the outside and inside, it appears to be a market dominated by two names, notably Microsoft and Elastic, and that’s true, but they are not the only players in the game, nor does that tell you the whole story. Enterprise Search is hard to get right; it’s also mind-blowingly complex. As a result, many projects fail, and the expertise to get them right is in short supply. Even so, it’s a growing market sector, and our analysis predicts more growth and change.

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Newer names like Algolia are now appearing alongside veterans like Sinequa and Coveo. Others, like PureInsights are shifting to promote a managed service business model, and the impact of AI and Knowledge Graphs are starting to make an impact. Indeed it’s a market in a state of flux, much like the IDP market; it saw little change for over a decade but is now set for massive change. The report contains much more analysis, and we hope it proves valuable to the sector as it heads into a rapidly evolving future scape. And that it sparks some discussion and visibility for a sector that needs it. As of today, there is little to nothing in the form of conference visibility beyond KMWorld; it doesn’t elicit much discussion in the press and struggles to get the attention of buyers. For many, Enterprise Search is seen as a ‘solved’ problem; they could not be more wrong. In an increasingly hybrid and decentralized working world, it’s a technology that is needed more now than ever.

If you are interested in learning more about the 2022 Enterprise Search & KM Market Forecast, all you have to do is click this link!

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