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Enterprise Blockchain Market Analysis 2023-2027

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Authors: By: Alan Pelz-Sharpe & Peter Brooks

Enterprise Blockchain Market Analysis 2023-2027

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Enterprise blockchain is a market that defies easy definition; it’s a challenging mix of heady technology and boring use cases. For many, “blockchain” is synonymous with the excitement of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but enterprise blockchain has nothing to do with crypto. Rather, it refers to blockchains used in business cases such as authenticating documents, transactions, or processes where trust and security are paramount.

Important? Yes. Of great interest to many companies? Yes. Exciting? Not really.

Enterprise blockchain is a shape-shifter of a market that’s difficult to get one’s arms around. Unlike other market sectors with clear players and products, enterprise blockchain has, in the past three years, moved from being what we first judged as a standalone sector toward being an enabling technology in other market sectors – albeit one that attracts billions of dollars of spending annually.

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