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ECM in 2024 and Beyond – Reframing the Equation

By: Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Matt Mullen, and Dan Lucarini

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ECM in 2024 and Beyond – Reframing the Equation

It’s time for a radical reframing of enterprise content management.

Software to manage files has been with us for over 30 years in the form of document and records management systems, commonly called ECM software. Sales of these systems have proven very lucrative, at about $10 billion per year, but the market for them has long fallen short of expectations. For example, it’s estimated that global data doubles in volume approximately every two years, and by some estimates, 80-90% of data is in unstructured files, which is what ECM systems manage. If either of these estimations is even close to being correct, then the ECM market should be growing at high double-digit rates yearly, but growth has been in single digits for many years…


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