We Love Ugly Data! – The Deep Analysis Podcast: Series 2, Episode 4

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The fourth episode of the second season of the Deep Analysis podcasts went live this week; new research (on Skan, Botminds, Hyperscience and IPwe), discussion about how hidden Task and Process Mining remain and - of course - more about AI and the product panic it is creating.

The fourth episode of the second season of the Deep Analysis podcasts went live this week; available everywhere you get your podcasts from and of course, in video form via YouTube (embedded below). The show notes for this episode are available below if you want to follow the conversation. As ever, it’s 3 topics in 30 minutes, this time with Matt and Alan; skip to the topics you’re most interested in, or maybe sit back and enjoy the whole thing with an iced beverage of your choice (it’s a little hot right now, treat yourself ?

In this episode;

Topic 1: Research Updates

A new set of Vendor Vignettes was recently added to the site – for Skan, Botminds, Hyperscience and IPwe. Matt and Alan discuss the relative significant of each in their respective markets and remind us that these will the last published for all to read for free (future VVs will be for Deep Analysis subscribers only).

Topic 2: Missing Miners?

Now he’s back on terra firms after his travels, Alan ponders the act that so few of the people he’d met had any knowledge of Task or Process Mining. Having written an Analyst Note on the subject, He and Matt discuss whether this confirms the projections in the “Work Intelligence Market Analysis” and how the ways in which RPA vendors are changing their go-to-market strategy – as Alan previously noted with UiPath – plays into their hands?

Topic 3: Yes, More AI

As currently appears to be international law, Matt and Alan discuss the last few weeks in AI and unstructured data. Matt’s published an Analyst Note imploring people not to listen to the “end of the world” AI doom grifters, and the pair discuss how best to try and be cool and circumspect in your planning for the subject while the world around shouts very loudly.

Show notes for Series 2, Episode 4.

Topic 1: Research Updates
Skan, Botminds, Hyperscience and IPwe.

Topic 2: Missing Miners?
Where are Process and Task Mining?

Topic 3: Yes, More AI
AI, Regulation and the Predictions of Doom
Automation Anywhere infuses RPA platform with generative AI
Zoom takes on Anthropic’s AI assistant for Contact Center

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