Deep Analysis Pick of the Pops (2023)

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Deep Analysis Reports

Deep Analysis Pick of the Pops (2023)

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As in previous years, I would not have guessed the following would have been the most popular reports.

2023’s Top Reports

Analysts analyze, so looking at all the reports, briefs, vignettes, and analyst notes we published at Deep Analysis in 2023 should be fun. There are 82 in total! As the writers of this research, we have our personal favorites. Still, pulling the numbers and remembering the biggest conversation starters to see your favorites is a bit of a revelation. As in previous years, I would not have guessed the following would have been our most popular reports.

So buckle up folks for a bumpy ride as in at number 10 comes…..

Here comes the Meter Man (GenerativeAI)

GenerativeAI may be all the rage, or at least in 2023 – but who will pay for it and how? This post from Matt generated… (see what I did there?) much interest and was one of the first looks from an analyst firm at this tricky question.

Number 9:  Process Automation and IDP – Better Together?

This post presaged something we will explore further in 2024: the marriage of IDP and process automation. Heralding a shift in the pecking order as new names and faces come into lead the charge.

Number 8: Having Donuts with Hyperscience

Well, it was a catchy title after all, so no real surprise this one made it to the top ten, but though focused on Hyperscience specifically, it proved to be a bigger conversation starter as approaches to document capture and processing continue to evolve even further than the revolution that has occurred over the past few years.

Number 7: Market Analysis: Generative AI and the Desktop (R)Evolution

Matt’s take on the flood of Generative AI tools disrupting the desktop, with the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce getting in on the act. One of the first industry analysts reports that dive into the whys and wherefores of this disruptive trend.

Number 6:  That didn’t take long – IDP vendors announce GPT features

It wasn’t just IDP vendors that jumped on the GenAI bandwagon in 2023, but they were definitely fast out of the block.

Number 5: Salesforce Embraces Unstructured Data

Yup, you read that right; Salesforce finally embraced unstructured data, and with a bit of a vengeance in late 2023.

Number 4: Conference Write Up’s

We went conference crazy last year as they were back in force after the pandemic years, and our write-ups proved far more popular than we expected. So, we can expect more and more face-to-face meet-ups in the coming year.

Number 3: SharePoint Commands a Premium

It is no secret that, by far, the biggest player in the ECM market is SharePoint, so it is no surprise that the major announcements made by Microsoft in the fall garnered a great deal of attention.

Number 2: Work Intelligence Market Analysis

This report, led by Matt, represented a monumental effort to analyze and redraw the lines around historic technologies such as business process management. This is prescient and timely and just the start of us tracking and advising our clients on this turbulent marketplace.

Number 1:  IDP Market Analysis & 1st 4th Wave of IDP

Squeeking in at the top was Dan’s epic measuring, dismantling, and restructuring of the IDP market, which continues in 2024 to accelerate and change at pace after decades of little movement. 

So there you have it, folks, this past year’s pick of the pops. Much more in the works for 2024!

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