Talking about AI – Alfresco

At Alfresco Day London, Deep Analysis founder, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, talked in straightforward terms about the role of AI within organizations and how we should think about the future contribution it will make to businesses across all industries.

AI Overview

An Overview with Alan Pelz Sharpe of Don’t know anything about Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning? Start here. In this conversation, Alan talks to you about the broad landscape of Artificial Intelligence. How has it evolved? Why is everyone talking about it today? Will it really replace everyone?

Lessons from AI Projects

  In this episode, James Lappin interviews Alan Pelz-Sharpe,  founder of the Analyst firm Deep Analysis . Alan is co-author of the book Practical Artificial Intelligence – an Enterprise Playbook   The book describes the nature of automated intelligence (AI) projects in the information management space….