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LeMagIT: Gestion de contenus

“Beaucoup de gens déposent des fichiers et utilisent des choses comme Google Drive en guise de système de sauvegarde”, constate Alan Pelz-Sharpe.  “Si vous êtes Google, vous allez dire que Drive est idéal pour cela. Mais la plupart des gens vous diront le contraire”.

SearchEnterpriseAI: Analyst Talks AI

For years, promoters have made AI technologies sound like the all-encompassing technology answer for enterprises, a ready-to-use piece of software that could solve all of an organization’s data and workflow problems with minimal effort.

TechTarget: Alfresco Migration Services

But content management has reached an inflection point at which large enterprises are ready to migrate content to the cloud. With the Alfresco cloud migration system, unveiled July 16, the vendor has formalized its existing cloud migration process, said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder and principal at Deep Analysis.

TechTarget: Headless CMS

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder and principal at Deep Analysis, sees this as part of a bigger move in content management away from centralized repository control to decentralized data, content and supporting technologies.

TechTarget: Hertz versus Accenture

While the Hertz complaint only shows the rental car company’s side of the argument, typically the problems begin when consultants — who aren’t content experts and tend to default to Adobe products — focus on the app’s front end at the expense of retooling the back-end systems delivering the content, said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of the research firm Deep Analysis.

TSG Group: ECM 2.0 – Machine Learning & Indexing

With ECM 2.0, we are starting to see both better OCR with components like Amazon Textract, as well as the ability to add Machine Learning to feed corrections into the process to improve the results over time. To quote Alan Pelz-Sharpe, long-time ECM analyst at Deep Analysis:

“First generation capture products will give way to Machine Learning approaches over the next few years, bringing flexibility and organic adaptation to formerly fixed capture situations”

CMSWire: How to Rethink AI

The key to figuring out where to start with AI, is to understand that AI allows you to fundamentally reimagine how you work. That doesn’t mean you should immediately embark on a massive digital transformation project or that you should rip and replace your existing systems. In fact, you can, and should, start small. But whether you have grand or modest ambitions, you do have to think differently. Knowing how to think differently, is the key to unlocking AI’s potential.

DMCollaborators: A Big Data Approach to ECM

The thinking behind this paper was to understand what alternatives innovative customers are considering when it comes to moving from Legacy ECM 1.0 to modern ECM 2.0 capabilities on-premise or in the cloud.  Alan Pelz-Sharpe and the analysts of Deep Analysis conducted a deep dive into Big Data and particularly NoSQL databases, Hadoop and DynamoDB.