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KMWorld: The Law and AI

It seems only yesterday that cutting-edge technology in the legal sector was defined by souped-up search engines (e-discovery) and document management systems (matter management). Genuine innovation and true high technologies seemed out of place in law firms. Even today, many law firms remain paper-centric and look askance at things such as cloud computing and AI. But …

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Dell Technologies: Enter the library of semantic fingerprints

These small startups are saying that it doesn’t make sense to always use that sort of sledgehammer approach of deep learning. By taking a very narrow approach, they’re able to train on a much smaller data set, be up and running much more quickly and, frankly, be much more accurate. “—Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder, Deep Analysis

Northern Light: The role of AI in knowledge management

Industry analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe shared his thoughts on this topic in a recent KMWorld article.  For starters, Pelz-Sharpe summarizes the all-too-typical corporate information environment this way: “We have multiple disconnected silos of information, mountains of duplicate files, poor search functionality, and often little-to-no structure or governance applied to knowledge or information assets.”  Sadly, this is the case at …

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TechTarget: Box unveils Canvas

“This constant adding of new functionality and not raising the price of the subscription is unusual in the software world,” Pelz-Sharpe said. “It is common with Microsoft, common with Google, common with Oracle. Box is a very healthy company, but it’s not Oracle, right? Many vendors, when they get to [Box’s size], end up with …

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TechTarget: Lack of competition is driving federal budget antitrust hike

In other areas, the White House is adding $187 million to the National Institute of Standards and Technology for research initiatives and the development of standards to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies such as quantum science, advanced biotechnologies, and artificial intelligence. But the funding increase is too little, too late, said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder …

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TechTarget: Chinas new AI regulations

Learning from China’s approach  Though it may be “counterintuitive” to give China credit regarding its AI regulations given the political climate, Pelz-Sharpe said its rules “set a new benchmark that may drive improved regulations elsewhere.” The AI regulations outlaw algorithmic price gouging and require an explainable algorithmic decision-making process. The algorithms have to be “trustworthy …

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