Copilot’s price tag might be steep, especially in a U.S. economy teetering on the edge of a recession. But there is reason for enterprise IT buyers to give Copilot serious consideration, said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of Deep Analysis. Simple things such as summarizing documents and video calls bring business value to Copilot, along with mobile app integrations that better capture contributions from workers’ phones when they’re in the field or on the go.

“Those are known business problems, and those are the kinds of things that address a real need,” Pelz-Sharpe said. “And there’s not much of a battle in the world of generative AI. You know, for all the gazillions of people playing with OpenAI and ChatGPT, what are they doing? Faking their essays? That’s not business value.”

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Work Intelligence Market Analysis 2024-2029