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Deep Analysis provides this free and confidential service to enterprise, public sector buyers and users of Information Management and Automation technologies.

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These sessions provide our analysts with real-world insights into the challenges faced in implementing, using, and gaining value from Information Management and Automation technology.

While the focus of the session is flexible to address your most pressing question(s), we most commonly are asked to provide our practical guidance to aid product selection, decommissioning and migrating legacy technology, project planning, and budgeting. Our analyst team are also often sought out regarding the relevance and value of emerging technologies such as RPA, AI & Blockchain and how they may be used within organizations.

If you would like to schedule a chat with Deep Analysis (restricted to buyers and users of technology – not technology vendors, consultants, or integrators), then find a time below that suits you in our schedule.

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We work with our clients, drawing on both our research and education work, to help both strategically and tactically.


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