Connie Moore joins Deep Analysis

Deep Analysis is truly delighted to announce that today, Connie Moore has joined our team. Connie is an industry analyst legend, having spent over 20 years leading research at Forrester, before moving to on to become Senior VP of Research at DCG in 2014. Connie’s research spans many facets of content and process management from CX to Business Automation, and will greatly enhance our research and advisory work at Deep Analysis.

Connie has managed international teams of analysts focused on a wide range of technologies such as social and collaboration, content management, business analytics, business software (e.g. ERP, CRM, HCM), and BPM suites. Her research encompasses business transformation, process management, customer experience management, information management and organizational change management. She was honored for thought leadership in business process transformation, adaptive case management and BPM software when she received the highly coveted Marvin Manheim Award from the Workflow and Reengineering Association (WARIA).

Connie holds an MBA in Information Systems from George Washington and a BA from East Carolina University.

Since launching in early 2017, Deep Analysis has carved out a niche in the advisory firm world researching and advising on the impact of emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain & The Cloud on content and process practices. 


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