First and foremost, 8180.01 starkly contrasts the notorious DOD 5015. Infamous as 5015 was, in our estimation, a plague on the RM community.

Using Blockchain for Records Management is one of the most straightforward, accessible, and effective use cases.

Unlike the past two years’ flurry of game-changing product announcements such as Box Sign, Box Shield, Box Governance, and Box Shuttle, Box Works 2022 was short on “new” and long on “we’re now in GA with all the stuff we said we would do”. This will be good news for Box’s enterprise license customers who seem eager to deploy the new tools.

microsoft purview

This week, Microsoft made an interesting announcement – launching Microsoft Purview, bringing ‘almost’ all its Information Governance products under a single banner, and theoretically at least, into a single home.


IG is not easily defined or categorized; it is more of a concept than practice. Even so, it’s a critical concept, particularly in a world of information overload, rising IT costs, economic uncertainty, and upheaval. Bringing some order to chaos should be an appealing concept, and if properly guided, a practice that should receive a more welcome embrace than it does today.

RM Regulations

The fixed-page concept seems like one that is near eternal, but just as the world of web content management moved from fixed pages to dynamic content delivery, so too is the back office moving in that direction. We will be publishing a more detailed study shortly, but for now, let’s just say ‘stuff’ may be about to hit the fan for some.

Is Blockchain GDPR Compliant? | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

etc.) compliant. Except this is not true. What has usually happened is that somebody within an enterprise has read an article somewhere by a legal ‘expert’ that has stated that blockchain is not GDPR compliant.

Sign here please! The revival of eSignatures | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

One of the reasons eSignatures are not as widely used as they could be is the cost. Though Box’s announcement this week that they are essentially bundling this functionality for free in its platform takes that barrier away, at least for Box customers. But a more significant reason appears to be the complexity of configuring and using these systems.