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The IDP Unicorn Doubles Down

Instabase announced completion of a Series C round for $45 million. This values the company at $2 billion, double the valuation from its Series B round of 2019. Instabase is now the most valuable software company whose main business is to provide solutions for unstructured document or data processing. How did they get here?

That Didn’t Take Long: IDP vendors announce GPT features

We’re at the very beginning of the announcement cycle for GPT integration with IDP. Some vendors are all-in on GPT, while others take a more cautious approach. From a trickling stream in April, we expect the PR will soon become a raging torrent of Class IV rapids as the huge snow mass melts. Time to “buckle up, buttercup”.

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The World of IDP – Beyond AP

In our briefings with IDP vendors, it often seems that single every one of the 300 plus in the market focuses on accounts payable (AP), aka invoice processing. Indeed, there are a lot of invoices out there to be processed, but they are not the only documents that could do with some digital love.