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The IDP Unicorn Doubles Down

Instabase announced completion of a Series C round for $45 million. This values the company at $2 billion, double the valuation from its Series B round of 2019. Instabase is now the most valuable software company whose main business is to provide solutions for unstructured document or data processing. How did they get here?

hyland layoffs

Hyland Lay Offs – Our Take

Today, Hyland laid off around 1,000 members of its staff, about 20% of the company. That’s awful news for all those impacted, the staff members, their families, and their extended communities. Was it a surprise? Well, yes and no. It wasn’t a surprise that layoffs were coming; the scale of the layoffs was.

GPT To Boost Knowledge Management Adoption

At Deep Analysis, we keep up with the pace of knowledge management innovation, so you don’t have to. To the IT mainstream, KM has long been an esoteric corner where it’s difficult to pin down the actual business value – and that has held back enterprise adoption. That’s about to change with the rise of the LLM.

Box and Microsoft

Box’ing with Microsoft

In the red corner were those that stated that if you are a well-established customer of Box, there was no logic in migrating to Microsoft. In the blue corner were those who boldly said there was no logic for anyone staying on Box.

Box Works 2022 Report

Unlike the past two years’ flurry of game-changing product announcements such as Box Sign, Box Shield, Box Governance, and Box Shuttle, Box Works 2022 was short on “new” and long on “we’re now in GA with all the stuff we said we would do”. This will be good news for Box’s enterprise license customers who seem eager to deploy the new tools.

hyland conference

Hyland CommunityLive 2022

Hyland took the plunge this year to return to an in-person (Nashville, TN) customer event. That decision was not an easy one to make. Many other tech firms have been struggling with the same decision-making process in the wake of the pandemic. But thankfully, it worked out well, and Community Live was well attended. So …

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market shifts 2022

5 Years of Deep Analysis & Market Shifts

It’s hard to believe that I founded Deep Analysis five years ago (almost to the day). It’s hard to believe we made it this far and that we are looking forward to the next five. But maybe what is hardest to grasp is just how much our industry has changed over these past few years. …

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Info Mangt & Automation – May 2022 M&A Roundup

At Deep Analysis, we undertake technical and market due diligence for Private Equity, Investment Banks, and Vendors looking to acquire. Hence we keep a close eye on what is happening in the broader Information Management and Enterprise Automation market. May, except for the massive Kofax deal (our analysis here), has been relatively quiet, but a few deals this month did catch our attention….

ECM Challenges

The Real Challenge of Information Management & Automation

Every technology vendor and enterprise that recognizes that humans are the essential ingredient rather than the technology itself, that more data or information is not always better, and that unraveling decades of technology and culture takes time and often a brave leap of faith will be agents of positive change. They will leave behind the hoarders, the tech-obsessed, and the unrealistic in their wake.