This was a bullish briefing from Blue Prism. SS&C paid $1.65 billion, so we expected nothing less than a moon shot effort. Of course, the proof will be in the pudding, as a lot of product integration promises were made and there is still much work to do here. It’s also hard to imagine that this is the last acquisition SS&C will make. Will the portfolio grow even further with a process intelligence/mining addition on the horizon?

kofax acquired

So to nobody’s surprise, Kofax’s owners, Thoma Bravo, announced that it had sold the company to Clearlake Capital and TA Associates this past week. At the time, the asking price was circa $3B, and something a little north of that seems to have been the final sale price.

Legal Week

egal tech appears to be ‘crossing the chasm’ to use a somewhat tired cliche. All in all, that is a good thing, but with that shift comes as many challenges as it does opportunities. We will be exploring many of these over the coming months, and we very much welcome any feedback (as long as it’s polite!).

Deep Analysis Reports

analyst notes we published at Deep Analysis in 2021? There are 89 in total! As the writers of this research, we have our personal favorites, but we thought it would be fun to just pull the numbers and see what were your favorites – remember our research is open source so anyone can access it from anywhere. That said  I would never have guessed the following would have been the most popular reports of 2021 in a million years 🙂

TWAIN Direct’s ultimate goal is connecting devices directly to the software app, completely removing the PC from the middle. That’s really important to the new wave of cloud developers; it abstracts the proprietary hardware layer and replaces all the other confusing scanner connectors. Plus it’s free to any developer.

box kkr

Rossum, a cognitive capture software startup out of the Czech Republic, just closed a remarkable Series A round of $100 million to ramp up what it’s calling a cloud-based universal document gateway. To our knowledge this is the largest single investment ever into a capture software startup.