Salesforce & Blockchain

Though under-reported at the time, Salesforce (one of the largest enterprise software firms) made a set of announcements this year regarding Blockchain. On the surface, the announcement of a low code development tool on the Salesforce Lightning platform called unsurprisingly ‘Salesforce Blockchain’ is insignificant.

Research Agenda – 2019-20

Here is our research agenda for the coming year – it may change and will certainly be updated but hopefully this provides you some insight into what we are working on. As always if you have any suggestions or feedback reach out as we want to be sure our work is relevant, timely and of value!

Blockchain will disrupt ECM & BPM

Today content and process technology vendors are simply waiting for customers to ask them for Blockchain, but I don’t think that is going to happen as many of those customers are already playing with, and in some cases implementing, Blockchain all by themselves without reference to their legacy ECM or BPM vendor technology suppliers. We have already seen this happen in Government Departments, Supply Chain firms, Healthcare, and Financial Services.