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Deep Analysis Podcast: Series 2, Episode 3

The third episode of the second season of the Deep Analysis podcasts went live this week; Data Fabrics, Generative AI being helpful on your desktop and another Alan-based travelogue.

That Didn’t Take Long: IDP vendors announce GPT features

We’re at the very beginning of the announcement cycle for GPT integration with IDP. Some vendors are all-in on GPT, while others take a more cautious approach. From a trickling stream in April, we expect the PR will soon become a raging torrent of Class IV rapids as the huge snow mass melts. Time to “buckle up, buttercup”.

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The art isn’t falling apart: AI, the mechanical and the compositional

It’s perhaps natural at this phase to be overly concerned with the mechanics of how to engineer generation, rather than question what is being generated. Once that begins to be questioned, then it is naturally the legality and efficacy that follows, the nature of originality and composition fall far further down the list.

Dotcom Two

OpenAI and its ilk are defined as LLM systems, but they are not; they are gigantic and generic, and the word ‘large’ doesn’t go close to describing them. It’s not just a matter of semantics; LLMs often deliver the most value when they are large enough but not too large.

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Mono-Cultural AI

It’s great to see firms like Botminds recognizing and supporting an ever wider number of human languages. We hope to see more and more follow suit over time but let’s not fool ourselves that this is a soon-to-be-solved problem. It has many layers, and our industry doesn’t seem to be in a rush to address them.

GPT To Boost Knowledge Management Adoption

At Deep Analysis, we keep up with the pace of knowledge management innovation, so you don’t have to. To the IT mainstream, KM has long been an esoteric corner where it’s difficult to pin down the actual business value – and that has held back enterprise adoption. That’s about to change with the rise of the LLM.