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Brazil, a new growth market for ECM

I first visited Brazil around 1999 to keynote at a Conference, since that time I have returned many times for work. Yes, I am love with the people, the country, its music, and food. But of more relevance is that every time I visit I learn more about ECM. At times I am the teacher, sharing insights and best practices from Europe & the US, but more often I am the student. For in my experience there is no country that has a more highly-skilled, dedicated and knowledgeable ECM community than Brazil. Rightly so, as it is one of the world’s largest, albeit under-sung markets.

So this past year we dedicated time, resources and partnered with Sao Paolo based ImageWare, to research in more detail how the Brazilian ECM market operates, its dynamics and of course its challenges and opportunities. If you would like to read the report or to learn more about opportunities in the region email us as [email protected]

Consider this, Brazil accounts for almost 50% of the South American economy, with a GDP of $3.2T, VC funding and its associated start up’s are booming and the ECM market is growing faster there than the US. In short, there is ample opportunity and ECM vendors large and small should at least be exploring how to take a foothold in the region. Doing so though, as with any country expansion will involve some risk and the navigation of diverse and original cultural and business expectations. 

To fully understand the ECM market in Brazil, it’s important to first comprehend the underlying business dynamics that impact it. First, there is a large on-premises legacy base of DM/ECM customers. Second, Brazil has a strongly regulated sector, and adherence to regulations has driven the ECM market to date. Over the coming years, we will see a move to the cloud having a strong impact on growth, along with an upward drive from new start-ups moving into the sector and challenging legacy vendors. Finally, just as in other countries, emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT, AI, and machine learning will have an impact.

The larger story here is that the ECM world is big but It’s no longer US or European centric. The shift is something that I have observed for some time now, for example just last week I presented to a Chinese team in Tokyo and saw that they were advancing many US-originated IT practices and technologies, and no longer following them. The US is a big market and will remain so, and for many technology vendors, that’s enough. The market in the US isn’t growing particularly fast, if at all in the US, but they have long-established customers to sustain them. For others, the World beyond these 50 states could well represent a major part of the future growth strategy.  It has its challenges and takes time and effort to build relationships, partnerships and adapt to the regional needs and requirements. But the opportunity is real, and for a market that many like to tell me is dead or at best moribund, that’s exciting.

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