Kofax unveils its Generative AI plans

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A laser focus on the lending market sets Ocrolus apart from the IDP herd

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IDP from RPA vendors is the fastest-growing segment of the IDP market

Most of the data you need is trapped inside all the company files, emails, messages, chats, media and more – scattered all over the enterprise. How do you get it?

We’re at the very beginning of the announcement cycle for GPT integration with IDP. Some vendors are all-in on GPT, while others take a more cautious approach. From a trickling stream in April, it’s now a raging torrent of Class IV rapids as the huge snow mass melts. Time to “buckle up, buttercup”.

An AI model does not distinguish between a “structured”, “semi-structured”, or “unstructured” document/content/data/file; that’s a human way to categorize our stuff.

With 344 IDP products and counting, the IDP industry was in dire need of organizing and tracking. So we created a comprehensive database and we reveal the key takeaways from the data.