multicultural AI

Mono-Cultural AI

It’s great to see firms like Botminds recognizing and supporting an ever wider number of human languages. We hope to see more and more follow suit over time but let’s not fool ourselves that this is a soon-to-be-solved problem. It has many layers, and our industry doesn’t seem to be in a rush to address them.

Box and Microsoft

Box’ing with Microsoft

In the red corner were those that stated that if you are a well-established customer of Box, there was no logic in migrating to Microsoft. In the blue corner were those who boldly said there was no logic for anyone staying on Box.

6 Years of Deep Analysis – Here’s to the future!

It’s also been great to see many startups that we uncovered and gave first visibility to grow rapidly and/or be acquired. Our open-door policy, making it easy for any enterprise or vendor to speak with us, has also proven to be a gift, meeting and hopefully helping countless new people in this ever-evolving market.

hyland conference

Hyland CommunityLive 2022

Hyland took the plunge this year to return to an in-person (Nashville, TN) customer event. That decision was not an easy one to make. Many other tech firms have been struggling with the same decision-making process in the wake of the pandemic. But thankfully, it worked out well, and Community Live was well attended. So …

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market shifts 2022

5 Years of Deep Analysis & Market Shifts

It’s hard to believe that I founded Deep Analysis five years ago (almost to the day). It’s hard to believe we made it this far and that we are looking forward to the next five. But maybe what is hardest to grasp is just how much our industry has changed over these past few years. …

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Crossing the EX CX Divide

Those who have been around a while in this industry know that sales often grow fastest in the toughest of times, as efficiencies need to be made and costs saved. Even so, there is always an on-ramp and readjustment to remind and educate buyers and investors alike that to save money, you need to invest in the right places to make the necessary changes. 


KM & EX in 2022

I’m not going to lie; I like it when we get things right at Deep Analysis 🙂 Back in 2019, we published a note on what seemed to be a re-emergence of KM (Knowledge Management), and over these past few years, it has come back with a vengeance.


Info Gov in Stormy Waters

IG is not easily defined or categorized; it is more of a concept than practice. Even so, it’s a critical concept, particularly in a world of information overload, rising IT costs, economic uncertainty, and upheaval. Bringing some order to chaos should be an appealing concept, and if properly guided, a practice that should receive a more welcome embrace than it does today.