The New Dropbox

This week I had a chance to catch up with the folks at Dropbox, it’s been a busy time there with the acquisition of HelloSign and the launch of a radical redesign of the Dropbox for Business UI. I have been following the firm (and in full disclosure was a past advisor to them) for quite a few years and watched their growth and transformation with interest. However, what has most interested me about the company is their corporate culture and their approach to design and product development.

Blockchain will disrupt ECM & BPM

Today content and process technology vendors are simply waiting for customers to ask them for Blockchain, but I don’t think that is going to happen as many of those customers are already playing with, and in some cases implementing, Blockchain all by themselves without reference to their legacy ECM or BPM vendor technology suppliers. We have already seen this happen in Government Departments, Supply Chain firms, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

Will the Market for Packaged Process Automation Apps Ever Take Off?

For years the intelligent process automation (i.e. BPM software) vendors have dreamed of building out-of-the-box process applications. They have envisioned suites for a wide range of functional applications (e.g. invoice processing, on-boarding, expense reporting, and travel requests) and compliance software that appeals to all industry sectors. They’ve also envisioned a deep vertical dive into apps …

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A Digital Transformation gone predictably wrong

The Hertz Corporation has sued Accenture for a failed “Digital Transformation Program”. I was going thru the detailed complaint with Alan Pelz-Sharpe and it is a fascinating read. Seems like a “project management 101” level disaster. Issues mentioned include: – delays in delivery – Deliverables not as per agreement – Usability issues – Standards not …

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AIIM Conference Report – 2019, San Diego

Once a year Information Management professionals travel from around the world to attend the AIIM Conference. It is the premier event for networking, education and industry gossip. As such it is particularly important for Deep Analysis, as we get to talk with dozens of end user organizations and find out what they are thinking, planning …

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