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M&A Roundup – Fall 2021

The most exciting deal of the quarter is not a deal at all yet, more just an expression of interest. SS&C, the financial services software …
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Unpacking – BoxWorks 21

That is a tough pill to swallow for many enterprise software companies, but Box appears to be committed to it. From a buyer’s standpoint, it …
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dreamforce 2021

Salesforce and the Revolution….

Salesforce has a vision; much of its work is customer-driven and reflects their needs, rather than the silicon valley norm of inventing things and finding …
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OpenText M&A

Where is OpenText?

It is worth noting, that what OpenText is doing is in stark contrast to its nearest competitor Hyland (backed by PE firm Thoma Bravo). That …
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SharePoint Plus Blockchain | Deep Analysis | Analyst Notes

SharePoint Plus Blockchain

A cheap and straightforward to install and use blockchain add-on/plugin to systems like SharePoint and Salesforce. I rarely call out a specific vendor in an …
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Is Blockchain GDPR Compliant? | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

Is Blockchain GDPR Compliant?

etc.) compliant. Except this is not true. What has usually happened is that somebody within an enterprise has read an article somewhere by a legal …
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July M&A Update - Our Thoughts | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

July M&A Update – Our Thoughts

It’s one thing to provide corporate access to video conferencing and messaging systems; it’s another challenge entirely to provide remote and tightly managed access to …
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tulsa techj

WFH – KM & Tulsa OK

But one area that seems to have garnered little attention is the gritty reality of the challenge of finding information, gaining and sharing knowledge, and …
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box shuttle

Box Shuttle Take Off

You can read more about the arcane world of file migration in our recent report, but though this Analyst Note focuses on Box Shuttle, the …
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Deep Learning for Documents

Reframing Deep Learning

Move over, machine learning, here come the deep learning algorithms. We predict that deep learning models will disrupt the status quo of document classification over …
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seeunity acquired

SeeUnity Acquired – Our Thoughts

But, this past week, fellow cloud file migration vendor, SeeUnity (based in Colorado), was acquired by Boston, based private equity-backed legal tech firm Anaqua.
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MFiles Acquire Hubshare – Our Thoughts

Today MFiles, the USA/Finnish ECM company, announced that it had acquired London-based collaboration/filesharing firm Hubshare. It’s only the second acquisition that MFiles has made, the …
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Signavio Acquired

SAP Buys Signavio – Our Thoughts

Today SAP announced that it is to acquire process intelligence vendor Signavio for $1.2B. Considering Signavio’s revenues were around $100m, and it had raised almost …
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dotcom 2.0

Enterprise AI & a New Dotcom?

But, here’s the thing, a couple of years ago, everyone was talking about AI, but few were doing it. This past year things changed fast; …
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2021 Deep Analysis

2021 is Just Around the Corner

2021 is now just around the corner, and Information Management is in for a big year of change, disruption, progress, and innovation; that’s not a …
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managed file transfer

Moving Files and Last Friday

well-managed and governed data and content live in well-managed and highly structured environments. Rip them out of that environment, and sparks can fly. That goes …
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enterprise blockchain

Enterprise Blockchain 2021?

This past week Peter Brooks and I finished up some client research on the topic of Enterprise Blockchain. The fact is from a year or …
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nuxeo benchmark

Content Services are taken to 11

Last year we oversaw a TSG* 11 Billon billion benchmarking exercise. This week we talked with Alfresco arch-rival, Nuxeo, who has now also taken it …
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EFSS Maturity

EFSS is growing up….

The EFSS market is mature in that a handful of vendors now dominate. Similarly, it is mature in that the core technology foundations have stabilized, …
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home worker

Governing Home Working

In this short analyst note we discuss the importance of Information Governance in a world of home and hybrid working.
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over inflated tech sector

Unicorns & Fairy Tales

The Audit firm Deloitte has been fined 15m pounds for its role in Autonomy’s sale to HP. The fine follows the conviction of Autonomy CFO …
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The way ahead....the new norm | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

The way ahead….the new norm

But tech became detached from reality and showed little compassion or, indeed, common sense at times. Frankly, tech is a sector that has been ambivalent …
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SAP’s Take on the RPA Market | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

SAP’s Take on the RPA Market

I just got off an informative and compelling webinar by SAP about its robotic process automation (RPA) offering. The bottom line is that SAP sees …
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RPA in 2020

RPA, as an intelligent automation platform, will transform enterprise priorities: from a focus on technology adoption to process transformation, from number-of-bot measurement to process improvement …
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IBM FileNet Re-Emerges | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

IBM FileNet Re-Emerges

For years now, the term ‘legacy’ ECM system has been synonymous with the word FileNet, the firm purchased by IBM back in 2006. It’s a …
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Regulations for ethical AI? | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

Regulations for ethical AI?

I was recently interviewed by TechTarget journalist Mark Labbe, regarding the need for regulating AI (Artificial Intelligence). The interview was prompted by the release of …
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Deciding on AI | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

Deciding on AI

Hiding our heads in the sand and pretending there is not a problem, is not going to cut it anymore. The concerns over bias and …
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Where is the innovation? | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

Where is the innovation?

Advent doesn’t start yet so it’s not too late to get a ‘bah humbug’ piece published in 2019… so here goes. This past year at Deep …
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Crossing the Abbyy Road | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

Crossing the Abbyy Road

RPA vendors want to automate more sophisticated processes, BPM vendors wish to capture more regular transactions. Content management firms want to gain more insight into …
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AI for RM? | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

AI for RM?

This past week I was speaking and running a workshop at the annual ARMA event, this year held in the home of country music, Nashville, …
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Mover moves to Microsoft | Analyst Notes | Deep Analysis

Mover moves to Microsoft

Microsoft recently acquired the Alberta, Canada based file migration company Mover. It’s an interesting acquisition that though unsurprising, illustrates the challenges that firms like Microsoft, …
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