AI Training for Information Professionals

This past spring, we have been publishing a series of articles on CMSWire on the topic of artificial intelligence. The goal was to demystify the subject and give tips on how and where to get started. These follow on from our in-depth online training course in partnership with AIIM that was released earlier this year. And to add to the mix, we will publish ‘The AI Playbook’ later this summer. So it should be pretty clear that AI is a critical area of our work at Deep Analysis!

AI is also one of the most frustrating and difficult research areas that we have ever encountered. AI has been so poorly marketed and so widely misunderstood. But AI holds so much promise to transform organizations radically, yet failed projects are common and many more well-intentioned projects never get off the ground in the first place.

AI projects require you to think; differently, they are not run the same way as traditional IT projects. The way you plan, manage, staff, and even envisage your project outcomes are different. So if you are approaching AI in the same way you have always approached a software project, stop. Though it is blatant self-promotion, we do urge you to check out the recent articles, consider taking the training course and keep an eye out for the new book. At the very least, you will be able to avoid some (not so) apparent pitfalls and ensure that you have a much higher chance of AI success.

Practical AI Information Professional – Online Certification Training Course

This past week OpenText announced a partnership with Google Cloud (GCP), that announcement lifted OpenText’s share price to his highest ever level. At first blush, the excitement seemed odd, as frankly, everyone has a partnership with Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. 

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