7 Vendors to Watch in 2023 – New Research

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7 Vendors to Watch in 2023 – New Research

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This week published a new bumper crop of Vendor Reports; they are all free to access (though we ask for your name and email at login).

This week we published a new bumper crop of Vendor Reports; they are all free to access (though we ask for your name and email at login). It’s an eclectic bunch, but all well worthy of a write-up. For example, we often get asked what happened to Alfresco and Nuxeo after Hyland acquired them; those questions are answered in the updated report. And with so much going on at Microsoft, it’s hard to keep track, but one thing we noted that seems to be flying under the radar is their advances in Task & Process Mining, a hot topic for sure, and you can check out Matt’s analysis below to learn more. Another product set that seems to run beneath the radar perenially is Adobe Document Cloud, but we think it’s one of the stars in their portfolio. So three reports related to pretty sizeable vendors. But size doesn’t matter to us; what matters is whether the product is any good or not and whether it brings real value to buyers; hence new reports on FlowForma, Papyrus, Veryfi, and KnowledgeLake that are all, in our humble opinion, if you are a buyer worth at least your consideration.

In addition, coming up soon is a significant new market forecast (Work Intelligence) which is pretty groundbreaking, a fresh and modern reexamination and assessment of the world of process and task automation. It looks at market size and growth and removes many of the artificial silos that so confuse buyers and vendors alike. As always, if you have any further questions regarding this research or Deep Analysis, reach out, and we can chat! 

Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Document Cloud offers low-cost and out-of-the-box tools to automate many standard document processes. Its services and APIs should be more utilized and appreciated by many enterprises that use expensive and typically overly complex IDP products instead. It is worthwhile to consider if Adobe, in conjunction with Microsoft M365 and Power Automate, is a good fit for the job.

Access the Adobe report here.


Flowforma is a quick-to-adopt process workflow platform focusing on medium to large businesses in industries that are not typically early adopters of high-tech software. Piggybacking on Microsoft 365 for base services means FlowForma can offer integrations with familiar productivity tools and a platform that requires little IT backbone to support and maintain compliance.

Access the FlowForma report here.

Microsoft Power Automate Process Advisor

Microsoft’s two-headed approach in Process Advisor, with both task and process mining, provides those who are already engaged with Power Automate with a potentially powerful set of analytical allies to help determine not only what a process looks like before automation but also whether that process is suitable for automation at all.

Access the Microsoft report here.

Hyland (Alfresco & Nuxeo)

Both the Alfresco and Nuxeo platforms are well-proven products and should be on any significant ECM or DAM shortlist. Built on open-source principles, they have user-friendly UIs and features to aid developers for successful integrations into existing applications and processes.

Access the Hyland report here.

Papyrus Software

Papyrus Software is one of the first firms to use blockchain in traditional document-centric applications. Interest in and use of enterprise blockchain is growing, and as an early entrant into this market Papyrus will be in an excellent place to take advantage of that.

Access the Papyrus report here.


Veryfi has built an impressive IDP platform from its humble beginnings as a personal expense app. The company has a strong track record in spend management and expense reporting use cases. The development team are AI experts who applied some incredibly complex inventions to solve a rather mundane business problem: how to enter data from purchasing documents.

Access the Veryfi report here.


All cognitive capture products do much the same thing: capture documents and process them through a workflow. But they also typically require a lot of time to design, integrate, implement, and maintain. KnowledgeLake Cloud has bundled and built all these parts and pieces into a single cloud platform that is exceptionally easy to use.

Access the KnowledgeLake report here.

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