6 Years of Deep Analysis – Here’s to the future!

This past weekend I started receiving LinkedIn messages congratulating me on a work anniversary. After a bit of head-scratching, it finally dawned on me that I set up Deep Analysis six years ago, in January 2017. It’s now January 2023, which is the sixth work anniversary. I would say it feels like yesterday, but that would be lying; nevertheless, six years have passed quickly. It’s been full of surprises, only a few if any, regrets, and many lessons learned along the way.

Day one of Deep Analysis was just me on my lonesome. Today, we have Victoria, Dan, Matt, Peter, Brenda & Ellen. In addition, we have a friendly and supportive network that makes us feel great to be alive. In short, Deep Analysis is not Alan Inc; rather, it’s a collective of people much more competent and talented than me, folks, with a passion for insight and quality, and I could not be more proud.

One thing I have learned and should have known beforehand is that setting up an analyst firm is not for the faint-hearted, and year one, in particular, took a lot of work. But what surprised me the most in reflecting is that our original mission has stayed the same one iota. I figured it would change and evolve in the early days, but it hasn’t; it stayed the same while many other things have shifted.

Our original and continuing mission was to focus on innovation in the information and automation sector. We are looking at where the industry is going and where the shifts, impacts, and changes will occur. To be 100% independent, we publish nothing on our website that will be anything other than our honest take on things. And to support and uncover those making a positive difference. Finally, we wanted to ditch the traditional analyst product silos and focus on what products do. The problems they solve rather than if they meet set criteria to be part of a pre-defined category. Simple stuff, but on reflection a bit revolutionary in an analyst world that has seen little change over the decades.

In addition, there have been many highlights and experiences, a few dark days, and on reflection, we seem to have unwittingly had a knack for taking on projects other analyst firms would run a mile from. For example, we are up for a challenge, and we will never forget, or regret (though we may have at the time), agreeing to create a graphic novel/comic style white paper (working with a very touchy and renowned Brazilian artist) in a hurry! It’s also been great to see many startups that we uncovered and gave first visibility to grow rapidly and/or be acquired. Our open-door policy, making it easy for any enterprise or vendor to speak with us, has also proven to be a gift, meeting and hopefully helping countless new people in this ever-evolving market.

So in closing, let me shout out to those who came forward to offer (at times unwanted but appreciated) advice and encouraging words. In particular, a big up to Dave Jones, Harvey Spencer, and Walter Koch. Along with the many AR professionals and friends at seemingly rival (and much larger) analyst firms that provided sage advice over the years. And just as crucial our many clients and thousands of readers worldwide. Taking the time to look back to where we started and where we have landed today, I have to pinch myself to believe it is true. Thank you, everyone.

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