6 New Reports – Nov 2022

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6 New Reports – Nov 2022

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Today we released yet another batch of research reports, Vendor Vignettes. These short reports are, in essence, a vendor product or service review.

Today we released yet another batch of research reports, Vendor Vignettes. These short reports are, in essence, a vendor product or service review. We keep them relatively short and pithy, and our goal is to provide potential buyers with a 100% independent analysis of these vendors’ suitability (or otherwise) for inclusion on shortlists.  In this batch, we have some new and a couple of updated reports. You can click on the hyperlink in the descriptions to read them:

The thingsTHINKING “Semantha” platform provides automated document comparison and validation via a trusted technique – producing an identifiable fingerprint to reliably represent a document. With its short time-to-value in terms of customer training and successful use cases in automotive and insurance, the company is worth a look for organizations needing to compare documents or specifications.

Krista provides a novel, convenient, and innovative alternative to traditional process automation. Combining RPA and BPM backed by AI and ML, the platform is designed to efficiently connect employees to information they need to make decisions and complete complex operations. It’s especially intriguing for organizations looking for automation providing both flexibility and procedural adherence.

Ultimus provides one of the most comprehensive and well-thought-through digital process management systems on the market. Its years of experience are reflected in the high quality of its associated services and, more importantly, in the fact that it provides so many pre-configured elements to accelerate any process automation project.

Flowable is an open-source provider of digital process automation software designed to meet the most complex process automation needs. What impressed us is that while Flowable will appeal to the techiest of developers, the company’s model-driven concept makes it highly usable and manageable for business experts, analysts, and administrators.

Nintex provides a critical, independent, low-code enterprise automation platform with all the bells and whistles. Any midsize to large organization running multiple processes across multiple systems should look at Nintex to potentially tie things together.

There is no question that ScaleHub checks the innovation box with a bold marker. The use of crowd platforms to augment AI-based cognitive capture makes a great deal of sense; although AI certainly improves the speed of capture processing and accuracy rates, it has its limitations.

I hope you enjoy and find value in these research reports – so free for you to read and share internally (though not use commercially, please!). If you have any questions or feedback, let us know.

If you are a buyer or user of Information & Automation management tools we have a free – yup, free – confidential advisory service for you. A service that means all you have to do is find a time on our calendar.

If you are a seller of Information & Automation Management technologies, again feel free to reach out and chat with us, we may be able to help by providing some critical but constructive advice and support.

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