5 New Reports Available

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5 New Reports Available

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Our website recently published five new vendor-specific reports (Vendor Vignettes in Deep Analysis parlance). And we have many more in the works that we plan to publish in late September.

Our analysts take briefings weekly with technology vendors. Occasionally, we come across something intriguing, innovative, or different that we feel we want to dig deeper into and share with the broader industry community. Our website recently published five new vendor-specific reports (Vendor Vignettes in Deep Analysis parlance). And we have many more in the works that we plan to publish in late September. The five published this week are diverse, to say the least, with little in common beyond the fact that we think what they are doing should be better known. We are not endorsing them but rather putting a spotlight on some novel approaches and ideas.

Pureinsights – is a pretty new company, though its team comes with extensive experience in Enterprise Search. This experience led them not to build a new search engine but to build modules to enhance and extend existing enterprise search platforms. They are adding advanced AI capabilities often through a managed service style approach. In short, rather than propose a rip and replace, they can pimp up your enterprise search ride.

Dedoco – is also a new firm and is little known outside of Asia. Yet they are a surprising innovator, recognizing the value of blockchain and document management combined. We have long advocated for the use of blockchain for documents, and they have the potential to set that ball rolling. Surprisingly, few, if any, have done this before, and surprising in that they are already, despite being an early-stage startup seeing notable success.

Knoa Software – is far from new, they have been around a long time, yet outside of the SAP community, few may have heard of them. Yet now is their chance to step into the spotlight, as their novel, well-tested and robust approach to task mining provides one of the most accurate and specific tools to enable business improvements.

Reveal-Brainspace is not a new name, particularly in the Legal ediscovery sector, where they have a strong following. Our report though focuses on their extensive work to extend beyond that, leveraging NLP and Machine Learning to analyze, sort, and provide actionable insights into what are otherwise typically chaotic situations.

Hyperscience – finally, but certainly not least, is a firm that has been catching attention for the past few years. But we looked under the covers to get beyond the hype (excuse the pun) and what we saw was more impressive and nuanced than we expected. The human-centric approach that Hyperscience takes to document automation is well worth examining.

I have a confession; at the start of every year, I worry that the innovation we managed uncovered in the previous year will be the high point. I fear the coming year will take us back to the decade when innovation in the Information Automation & Management sector was anathema. To my relief, 2022 is yet another year of advancement, the fifth in a row. Our industry is changing rapidly, and thankfully for the better, as not just technological advances but application and usability accelerate at a pace. Please read the reports above; you will see what I mean. Whether you are an enterprise buyer, investor, or technology vendor executive, we all benefit from sharing new approaches and discoveries.

Similarly, if you are one of the above and are looking for more information on the vendors we have published reports on or want some confidential guidance, then reach out, as we are always happy to chat and see how we can help.

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