4 More Vendors to Watch in 2023

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4 More Vendors to Watch in 2023

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Recently, Botminds, Skan, Hyperscience, and IPwe all caught our attention.

This month we have four new vendor vignettes featuring some truly innovative startups worth reading. We take a lot of briefings, and a high percentage are with startups. That aligns with our focus on innovation and our open-door policy, as it can be difficult for startups to get briefings from traditional analyst firms. That said, we don’t write up all the briefings, only the ones that truly catch our attention. Botminds, Skan, Hyperscience, and IPwe, caught our attention recently. (You can read the full reports on each by clicking here)

Hyperscience is probably the best-known of the bunch, a startup that has grown phenomenally since it first hit the market. With a new CEO, we thought it was time to update our Vendor Vignette and better understand where the firm is today and, importantly, where they are heading.

IPwe is a firm we have written about and won a coveted innovation award from us in 2020. Think AI, Blockchain, and Intellectual Property in the same sentence, and you get some idea of what IPwe does. For what it’s worth, since we first wrote about the firm, things have moved forward considerably for them. Whether you are an IP-focused person or simply interested in understanding solid business cases for blockchain beyond the wild world of crypto, we recommend you read this one.

Botminds caught our attention because of all the noise around “hyper-automation,” In reality, businesses in the real world want to fix and improve standard business processes. Botminds provides an exceptionally easy-to-use and fast-to-deploy series of applications to meet many of these needs. The fact that it has built all its tech rather than using third-party plugins is impressive.

Skan has developed an impressive range of capabilities to help organizations discover and manage processes and provide insights designed to help customers continuously improve process health and efficiency. If Skan can continue to develop those “Value Engineering” analytical frameworks to deliver immediate value within the industry verticals the company is focused on, then we would not be surprised to see a significant increase in its customer base.

So a solid crop here for your reading pleasure; however, it’s important to note that this will be the last batch of Vendor Vignettes that are open-sourced. We took the difficult decision to move these behind a firewall for our subscribers, and in the future, though many more Vendor Vignettes are planned, you will soon need to be a subscriber to access them.  Our frequent analyst notes, though, will remain unlocked, and even more importantly, so too are we. If you are doing something innovative in the wide world of Information & Automation Management, reach out; we are always open to learning from and meeting new faces. Similarly, if you are an enterprise and want confidential advice on your project or buying decisions, you can schedule a time (at no charge) to chat with one of our analysts. 

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