3 More Vendors to Watch in 2023!

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3 More Vendors to Watch in 2023!

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Some new subscriber research!

Summer is always a strange period in the tech industry; on the one hand, things go quiet. On the other, significant moves are planned and executed, albeit quietly. Plus, we are preparing for conference season with a lot of travel scheduled, and big announcements are expected. You can count on Deep Analysis to cut through the hype and let you know what is happening! 

We have some new Vendor Analysis Reports (aka Vendor Vignettes) for our annual subscribers; it’s an eclectic bunch under the spotlight. As always, they illustrate what we have been saying for the past few years: our industry is vibrant and alive, and innovation thrives. This month, we feature Atlas, Instabase, and Rossum.


Atlas is a digital workplace platform developed by ClearPeople Ltd that is essentially a knowledge management system with an intriguing twist: it coordinates and enhances existing Microsoft capabilities. Atlas effectively manages the “sprawl” that can occur when enterprises deploy MS solutions piecemeal without an overall plan. As such, Atlas has far-reaching appeal and potential business value.


Instabase is a software company whose main business is providing content-understanding solutions. The company developed an AI platform that can process and understand any unstructured data and has recently integrated generative AI for no-code solutions. The company has won big deals with blue chip companies and is worth considering for document automation projects or replacing legacy IDP systems.


Rossum has transitioned from a cool AI start-up for invoice data extraction into a mature IDP company, winning big deals with blue chip customers and offering an end-to-end unstructured data processing platform. If it can execute its vision, Rossum can become a top 10 IDP company within a few years.

Furthermore, we launched a small survey this month exploring the concept of Citizen Developers and Low/NoCode development. We hear widely divergent opinions on how this trend plays out in the real world. I won’t be able to tell you what those opinions are, but I will ask you to complete the survey and share your views. It only takes a few minutes, but it’s valuable stuff, and we will be sure to share the findings with you when it’s done.

You can access the survey by clicking here.

Again, these reports are available now to Deep Analysis subscribers, and as always, we value and encourage feedback and discussion on their findings.

If you are not a Deep Analysis annual subscriber, you only need to contact us here for more details.

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